Valley Girl for a Day

Saturday morning, I was fiddling with Peggy & Fritz, researching, etc.,  I stumbled across the blog, French Kissed.   She had a great piece on antique grain sack bags from a store called Bungalow, and mentioned there were other antique shops in the neighboring area.  The pictures were so beautiful, that I wanted to take a peek for myself.  With, the weather being dismal, at the beach, I decided to take an impromptu trip to Agoura Hills.   I discovered as I was leaving, that my camera battery was dead, (note to self ~ you started a blog, always keep the camera charged) hence, the reason for the fuzzy pictures taken by my blackberry.

First stop was Bungalow Antique Shop ~ see below the photos of those gorgeous grain sacks from 3 Fine Grains.


My pictures do not do these grain sack's justice.  You MUST check out French Kissed's blog for more detailed pictures.  How, I would love to redo my wing chairs in these grain sack's.  The graphics and writing are so classic.  Love the stool below as well.


A better display of unique ways grain sacks can be used:  pillows, bedding, foot stools, framed in pictures, upholstered on chairs, sofas, etc.


I spotted these pendent lights made out of Mercury Glass and bubble glass mixed with wire.  



This cabinet was a steal for $275.00. My camera couldn’t quite capture the pattern on the cabinet.   I wanted to take it home and paint it celadon green or Caribbean blue.  It would  look great in a kitchen with dishes, food, baskets, etc. or in a bathroom with soaps, rolled towels, perfume bottles, etc. 


Some of the other merchandise in the store.


 IMG00051  Next, I made my way to the Agoura Antique Mart owned by Maria and her husband David Bartolet. 

I wish I could have captured on camera how lovely their store is.  They have a great selection of chairs, fabrics, white pillows from vintage linens and clothing, etc. I had so much fun wondering around their store.  Their staff was friendly, courteous and one was even getting ready for a dance show :)  


I was contemplating this beautiful blue jar, made in Italy for my fireplace.  The color was perfect and like all things Italian, it was simply, GORGEOUS!


My purchase, or should I say bargain of the day, was a portrait of a lady – See Below.   Over the last couple of years, I have randomly collected self portraits at flea markets, antique stores, eBay, etc.  I look for a certain color palettes, especially, soft neutral colors.  I try not spend more than $75.00 a painting ~ this presents a challenge in LA, where people charge $150.00 to $500.00 for unknown artists or unsigned pieces, just because they can!

I’m not sure why, but it makes me sad to think someone's portrait has found it’s way into an antique store or a flea market. My lady, as I call her, will be hung in our stairwell along with some other unknown portraits, once she is reframed.  I must say, she’s rather sophisticated,  and I love how she is wearing a broach.  The quality of the painting is really nice, and it was signed by Jeanett Van.  I wonder if this picture is Jeanett herself, or if she painted it of someone else.  I love to think about who they are and where they are from?  Did they have children? What did they do for a living?  Were they happy?  What was the purpose of the portrait? Ah!  The questions go on and on.  I guess, I will never know, unless of course, someone recognizes one of my beautiful unknown ladies.



Overall there are five or six antique stores in this complex, and it’s well worth the trip.  All the owners and staff are friendly and make you feel welcome, while browsing.  They also seemed to have a lot of regulars, which, I would be as well, if I lived closer.  I will definitely go back, so, I can better capture the stores ambience (something you just can’t do on a blackberry).  If your out in the Valley stop by and tell them Peggy & Fritz sent you.

 Agoura Antique Mart - 8863 Agoura Road - Agoura Hills, CA  91301 - PH:  (818) 706-8366 - www.agouraantiquemarkt.com

Bungalow - 28859 West Agoura Road - Agoura Hills, CA  91301 - Phone:  (818) 879-8698 - www.bungalowantiqueshop.com

Within Bungalow:  3 Fine Grains - Phone:  (805) 630-3726 - Contact:  Kymberley Fraser - www.3finegrains.com


Jessica K. said...

I am, like, totally jealous! OK, that was my valley girl for a day :-)

That store is wonderful! I could live there. I actually just bought a box of grain sacks at an auction to put in my store, I haven't even looked in the box, but now I am going to have to go through them and see if they are any good!

Ann said...

Oh! I am jealous you got some at auction. Well this will give you lots of ideas on what you can do with them. They are so versatile! Thanks for stopping by!

French-Kissed said...

So glad you went Valley Girl for the day! Isn't it a great shopping destination. I try to get down from Santa Barbara as often as possible. Lovely lady portrait you found.

Lori said...

I so wish I could have wandered through these shops with you! What wonderful items! I'm really enjoying your blog - thanks for posting!

Ann said...

Lori remember when we got dragged to tag sales by our mom's or had to have them in Aunties yard and always grumbled. Now what I wouldn't do for a day of tag sales in CT. This place had great stuff.


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