I live in a great community called the South Bay (an area of LA) ~ a part of our lifestyle is riding bikes or as we say “beach cruisers” along “the strand”. The cruisers are used for all walks of life including the young and old; the strand doesn’t discriminate. They cruise from pier to pier, playing volleyball, scoping guys and chicks, watching the California sunset, going to and from friends houses, and to avoid a DUI, the intoxicated and stumbling use it as their ride home (only if your 21 and over of course!). The strand as we call it offers a colorful array of bikes in all shapes and sizes. The great thing is it doesn’t matter what condition it’s in – sometimes the older and rustier the cooler it is – some people have funky colors like bright pink and some “trick out” their bikes with painted flames, big tires, cool bells, and of course, a basket to carry those staples (at the beach it’s usually alcohol). We have our share of serious bikers (the athletes that run you over with their serious faces) but this post is the leisurely rider. Nothing completes a “beach cruiser” better than a cool basket. Whatever, your personality there is something for everyone. See Below:

I fell in love with this deluxe pannier shopper bag from Cycle Chic (it attaches to the back of your bike). Perfect for the chic city girl going to and from work. Fill it with your paperwork, lap top, and lunch bag and off to the office you go! I also love the flowered one for the surfer girl.

Deluxe Pannier Shopper

Safari Pannier

Kitsch Kitchen Pannier Floral I

These wicker baskets below are the perfect basket for the East Coast Girl gone West AHHHH! Could that ME? It reminds me of my youth growing up in CT when I rode my mom’s five speed with a wicker basket. I’ve been searching for a nice wicker basket since I moved to LA but nothing compares to the quality of these fabulous (I use that word a lot) ones from Nantucket Bike Baskets. I picture myself riding my bike with a French baguette and a bottle of wine hanging out of these baskets or fresh fruit and veggies from the local farmers market ~ typing this is making me hungry!


Tuckernuck Collection


Lightship Collection


Dionis Collection

I love this basket in this grassy green (it also comes in white and black) from Metropolitan Decor. I picture someone with a sassy personality wearing an Anthropologie dress and flip flops using this basket.

Carrie Bike Basket

See these fabric lined baskets from Lucky Find Designs at www.etsy.com. Love her idea, wish I thought of it. Now, I know what I could do with all those great vintage fabrics I find at the flea markets except, I can’t sew to save my life!

Cherries Galore Bike Basket Liner / Sewing Machine / Mixer Cover

Cherry Lined Basket

Bike Basket Liner - Sailor Jerry

Sailor Jerry

Pushing Up Daisies Bike Basket Liner - Brown

Pushing up Daisies

What kind of basket are you???

PHOTO CREDITS: Photo 1, 2, and 3: cyclechic.co.uk / Photo 4, 5, and 6: nantucketbaskets.com / Photo 7: metropolitandecor.com / Photo 8, 9, 10: etsy.com

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I lived in that environment, I would be doing exactly the same thing.
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