Cooking It Up In The Kitchen

I love Le Creuset's cast iron pots. They’re usually out of my budget, so I typically scour TJ Maxx and Home Goods stores for last season’s leftovers. My kitchen is all white with green accents, and I prefer white appliances and currently have the All-Clad LTD pots and pans for regular cooking. However, I have been dying to get my hands on a few Le Creuset's pieces. They are usually known for their colorful color palette (orange, green, blue, etc.), and have never offered white. That’s why I was excited to see in the September issue of In Style Magazine that they are now offering their pots in white and black for the first time (for those that prefer black).

I might have to dip into my wallet and get a few key pieces or put them on my wish list for my birthday or Christmas (hint, hint). While I did consider Kiwi or Caribbean, I will never have to worry about the color white going out of style. After all, if I were to make this kind of investment, I want it to be “in” after five or ten years.

I’m all about classic colors, and I love white in the kitchen. Just ask my boyfriend, he thinks our house looks like a hospital, which is perfect by me.

I could never promise my cooking would look and taste as good as the pots, but they will sure look good sitting on my stovetop!

Photo Credit: Kraft Store

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