My Fall Catalogue Picks Part II


I just got my Pottery Barn fall catalogue and thought I would share my favorite fall items. See Below:

Wood Oar, 5 with Stars

These oars give me a bit of nostalgia of my college days, at Northeastern University. I had several friends on the crew team. I wanted to show the display of them hanging or just leaning in a corner ~ sometimes objects make a unique substitute for wall art.

Alternate View

These Oversized Wine Bottles (See Below) look like something you would find at a flea market back East or in Europe. For “us” Californians, we can do the next best thing and walk into our local Pottery Barn Store. I want these for myself to either put on the dining room table or next to the fireplace.

Found Oversized Wine Bottles

I’ve been looking at oversized baskets, to use as a base for a palm plant I bought. But, most of the ones I saw, were either the wrong color or not chunky enough. Believe it or not, I’m a basket snob. There is nothing worse than a cheap looking basket. Pottery Barn has a great collection of natural sea grass and weaved baskets this season. I’m thinking of the round Beachcomber Basket (See Below) for my large palm (I would love it in chocolate brown) and a rectangular for my used newspapers for recycling.

Beachcomber Basket, Round, Extra-Large

I like the rustic feel of these baskets below. They would be great in a kitchen on the floor with your wine bottles or in a bathroom with rolled towels.

Open Weave Baskets, Set of 3

Winters coming ~ what a nice way to display your firewood with these Winston Baskets. Winston Baskets

Hemp and Linen are in these season, see my blog below “Valley Girl for a Day”. This is a great way to get a reproduction at a fraction of the cost.

Alternate View

I liked the concept of this bar piece (See Below). When I first saw it, I was worried that it would like like it was trying to hard, but upon viewing it, Pottery Barn captured the antique rustic look well. The hardware gives the impression of being old and worn, and the wood looks like old rafters from a farm house. For people that don’t have the space for a built-in bar, this would make an exceptional alterative. It has a bottle cap opener on the side, and it has an opening on the top and bottom where you can put your bottles or barware. The piece looks much more authentic in person. This would be a welcome addition in my home.

Markham Console Bar

For the boyfriend, husband, son, or man in your life – these glasses below make a great gift for that avid sports guy. All the MLB teams are available. Of course, there would be nothing but the Red Sox in our house!

I MLB™ Glassware

PHOTO CREDITS: All Photos Pottery Barn


My Fall Catalogue Picks


Who knew?  Restoration Hardware has been changing it’s look over the last couple of years. I use to think of it as a competitor to Pottery Barn, it’s focus lately seems to be shifting in more upscale direction,  like Williams Sonoma Home.  The catalogue has always a little boring to me while it has beautiful pieces, it always seems a little vanilla to me.  That’s why, I was surprised at some of the unique items from their fall collection.  See for yourself:

prod1613051[1] Vintage linen and hemp pillows are popping up everywhere.  I just blogged about my flour sack excursion last week (See Valley Girl For a Day).  These Vintage French Linen Pillow Covers above, have various French prints and see below how they look displayed in room. If you can’t find flour or grain sacks at the flea market or in your local antique market this is a cost effective alternative.  I think, I will be ordering a couple of these.

Furniture Factory Cart (Below). I like things that look rustic, but, aren’t trying too hard.  This looks like something you would pickup at a European Flea Market.  I imagine this paired with a white linen sofa and some patterned chairs.  What’s great about this piece is you can mix with anything from leather as they show it, modern, or classic.  I picture it with books piled on top with a large orchard, a nice yummy candle and a ceramic statue of sorts.

I am in love, love, love, (did I say love?) with this Devon Leather Chair (See Below).  This reminds me of something that would come from Knoll but with a twist.  The dark chocolate brown leather, and clean shape is timeless.  This piece will get better and better as it ages.  It’s a little over my budget right now $795.00, but it sure would look great with my white parsons dining table (I use it as my desk) from West Elmprod1613201[1]

This Flatiron Desk (See Below) is so versatile. It has an unfinished top, crafted from antique doors, and has been planed and sanded to a slightly distressed finish.  The legs are steel with caster wheels. Flatiron Desk-FurnitureYou can see how they have utilized it in a room with the Devon Leather Chair (See Below) , but it would also make a great dining table in a kitchen that, has an open floor plan.  It’s durability would make this function well for a family with kids or the guy in your life that is hard on furniture.  It reminds me something Nate Berkus would have in his house.

prod1613201_av4[1]   prod1608042_av2[1]

Many companies have recently been making great reproductions of these chairs.  Restoration Hardware offers two different styles, the vintage chair or the barstool.  These are perfect for an island, a bar, or as a decorative accent that you can use as extra seating when needed.

prod1608043_av2[1]   prod1613080[1]

   Maps make great wall art, this Vintage Paris Map (See Above) framed would make a great addition to one’s walls (See Below).

I bought two vintage maps of Boston and Italy at the Santa Monica flea market, from the late 1800’s.  This reminds me, I need to have them framed.


Reproductions of old New York Subway Signs make for interesting art (See Below).

Subway Sign Art Large-Home Decor-Art



Steamer Trunks are in this year (See Above). Restoration Hardware was very creative putting this piece together.  This would work well for someone living in an open floor plan, like a loft or studio.  When space is tight, or you don’t want your home office on display, simply shut the door.  Let the piece provoke conversation, which, I am sure will lead to the question, “What’s in the trunk?”.  Won’t they be surprised when you open it up.  For those of you that are organized, leaving it open and displaying the unique cubbies, will I’m sure, evoke envy from your friends or foes.prod1613173_av6[1]

 Mayfair Steamer Chest Vintage Cigar Leather

This Mayfair Steamer Chest is a notable addition to any home.  Made of distressed vintage cigar leather it makes a stately accent.  Pair it between two chairs as seen below or place it against a wall with a large mirror over it, use it in a dining room with decanters on it, or as a nightstand next to a bed.  I love the vintage leather material, and it breaks up a room by adding another element of texture.  This is another way to add additional storage into a room. As an alternative, if this isn’t in your budget, you can also use old dressers or chests that, maybe you didn’t know what to do with, in the same manner.

I didn’t expect to find so many unique items while browsing through the Restoration Hardware catalogue, that, I will have to save my Pottery Barn picks for tomorrow.  What are your favorite fall picks?


Photo Credits:  All from www.restorationhardware.com


Valley Girl for a Day

Saturday morning, I was fiddling with Peggy & Fritz, researching, etc.,  I stumbled across the blog, French Kissed.   She had a great piece on antique grain sack bags from a store called Bungalow, and mentioned there were other antique shops in the neighboring area.  The pictures were so beautiful, that I wanted to take a peek for myself.  With, the weather being dismal, at the beach, I decided to take an impromptu trip to Agoura Hills.   I discovered as I was leaving, that my camera battery was dead, (note to self ~ you started a blog, always keep the camera charged) hence, the reason for the fuzzy pictures taken by my blackberry.

First stop was Bungalow Antique Shop ~ see below the photos of those gorgeous grain sacks from 3 Fine Grains.


My pictures do not do these grain sack's justice.  You MUST check out French Kissed's blog for more detailed pictures.  How, I would love to redo my wing chairs in these grain sack's.  The graphics and writing are so classic.  Love the stool below as well.


A better display of unique ways grain sacks can be used:  pillows, bedding, foot stools, framed in pictures, upholstered on chairs, sofas, etc.


I spotted these pendent lights made out of Mercury Glass and bubble glass mixed with wire.  



This cabinet was a steal for $275.00. My camera couldn’t quite capture the pattern on the cabinet.   I wanted to take it home and paint it celadon green or Caribbean blue.  It would  look great in a kitchen with dishes, food, baskets, etc. or in a bathroom with soaps, rolled towels, perfume bottles, etc. 


Some of the other merchandise in the store.


 IMG00051  Next, I made my way to the Agoura Antique Mart owned by Maria and her husband David Bartolet. 

I wish I could have captured on camera how lovely their store is.  They have a great selection of chairs, fabrics, white pillows from vintage linens and clothing, etc. I had so much fun wondering around their store.  Their staff was friendly, courteous and one was even getting ready for a dance show :)  


I was contemplating this beautiful blue jar, made in Italy for my fireplace.  The color was perfect and like all things Italian, it was simply, GORGEOUS!


My purchase, or should I say bargain of the day, was a portrait of a lady – See Below.   Over the last couple of years, I have randomly collected self portraits at flea markets, antique stores, eBay, etc.  I look for a certain color palettes, especially, soft neutral colors.  I try not spend more than $75.00 a painting ~ this presents a challenge in LA, where people charge $150.00 to $500.00 for unknown artists or unsigned pieces, just because they can!

I’m not sure why, but it makes me sad to think someone's portrait has found it’s way into an antique store or a flea market. My lady, as I call her, will be hung in our stairwell along with some other unknown portraits, once she is reframed.  I must say, she’s rather sophisticated,  and I love how she is wearing a broach.  The quality of the painting is really nice, and it was signed by Jeanett Van.  I wonder if this picture is Jeanett herself, or if she painted it of someone else.  I love to think about who they are and where they are from?  Did they have children? What did they do for a living?  Were they happy?  What was the purpose of the portrait? Ah!  The questions go on and on.  I guess, I will never know, unless of course, someone recognizes one of my beautiful unknown ladies.



Overall there are five or six antique stores in this complex, and it’s well worth the trip.  All the owners and staff are friendly and make you feel welcome, while browsing.  They also seemed to have a lot of regulars, which, I would be as well, if I lived closer.  I will definitely go back, so, I can better capture the stores ambience (something you just can’t do on a blackberry).  If your out in the Valley stop by and tell them Peggy & Fritz sent you.

 Agoura Antique Mart - 8863 Agoura Road - Agoura Hills, CA  91301 - PH:  (818) 706-8366 - www.agouraantiquemarkt.com

Bungalow - 28859 West Agoura Road - Agoura Hills, CA  91301 - Phone:  (818) 879-8698 - www.bungalowantiqueshop.com

Within Bungalow:  3 Fine Grains - Phone:  (805) 630-3726 - Contact:  Kymberley Fraser - www.3finegrains.com


Hollyhock Heaven

For those of you that enjoy gardening, you’ll appreciate this beautiful peach hollyhock, just sent to me by my friend Quinn. Currently, she is visiting Orcas Island, off the coast of Washington, she found these today, while touring the island. She knew how much I would love them and obtained some seeds for my garden. I look forward to planting these pretty peach flowers and enjoying them next spring.



Cooking It Up In The Kitchen

I love Le Creuset's cast iron pots. They’re usually out of my budget, so I typically scour TJ Maxx and Home Goods stores for last season’s leftovers. My kitchen is all white with green accents, and I prefer white appliances and currently have the All-Clad LTD pots and pans for regular cooking. However, I have been dying to get my hands on a few Le Creuset's pieces. They are usually known for their colorful color palette (orange, green, blue, etc.), and have never offered white. That’s why I was excited to see in the September issue of In Style Magazine that they are now offering their pots in white and black for the first time (for those that prefer black).

I might have to dip into my wallet and get a few key pieces or put them on my wish list for my birthday or Christmas (hint, hint). While I did consider Kiwi or Caribbean, I will never have to worry about the color white going out of style. After all, if I were to make this kind of investment, I want it to be “in” after five or ten years.

I’m all about classic colors, and I love white in the kitchen. Just ask my boyfriend, he thinks our house looks like a hospital, which is perfect by me.

I could never promise my cooking would look and taste as good as the pots, but they will sure look good sitting on my stovetop!

Photo Credit: Kraft Store



I live in a great community called the South Bay (an area of LA) ~ a part of our lifestyle is riding bikes or as we say “beach cruisers” along “the strand”. The cruisers are used for all walks of life including the young and old; the strand doesn’t discriminate. They cruise from pier to pier, playing volleyball, scoping guys and chicks, watching the California sunset, going to and from friends houses, and to avoid a DUI, the intoxicated and stumbling use it as their ride home (only if your 21 and over of course!). The strand as we call it offers a colorful array of bikes in all shapes and sizes. The great thing is it doesn’t matter what condition it’s in – sometimes the older and rustier the cooler it is – some people have funky colors like bright pink and some “trick out” their bikes with painted flames, big tires, cool bells, and of course, a basket to carry those staples (at the beach it’s usually alcohol). We have our share of serious bikers (the athletes that run you over with their serious faces) but this post is the leisurely rider. Nothing completes a “beach cruiser” better than a cool basket. Whatever, your personality there is something for everyone. See Below:

I fell in love with this deluxe pannier shopper bag from Cycle Chic (it attaches to the back of your bike). Perfect for the chic city girl going to and from work. Fill it with your paperwork, lap top, and lunch bag and off to the office you go! I also love the flowered one for the surfer girl.

Deluxe Pannier Shopper

Safari Pannier

Kitsch Kitchen Pannier Floral I

These wicker baskets below are the perfect basket for the East Coast Girl gone West AHHHH! Could that ME? It reminds me of my youth growing up in CT when I rode my mom’s five speed with a wicker basket. I’ve been searching for a nice wicker basket since I moved to LA but nothing compares to the quality of these fabulous (I use that word a lot) ones from Nantucket Bike Baskets. I picture myself riding my bike with a French baguette and a bottle of wine hanging out of these baskets or fresh fruit and veggies from the local farmers market ~ typing this is making me hungry!


Tuckernuck Collection


Lightship Collection


Dionis Collection

I love this basket in this grassy green (it also comes in white and black) from Metropolitan Decor. I picture someone with a sassy personality wearing an Anthropologie dress and flip flops using this basket.

Carrie Bike Basket

See these fabric lined baskets from Lucky Find Designs at www.etsy.com. Love her idea, wish I thought of it. Now, I know what I could do with all those great vintage fabrics I find at the flea markets except, I can’t sew to save my life!

Cherries Galore Bike Basket Liner / Sewing Machine / Mixer Cover

Cherry Lined Basket

Bike Basket Liner - Sailor Jerry

Sailor Jerry

Pushing Up Daisies Bike Basket Liner - Brown

Pushing up Daisies

What kind of basket are you???

PHOTO CREDITS: Photo 1, 2, and 3: cyclechic.co.uk / Photo 4, 5, and 6: nantucketbaskets.com / Photo 7: metropolitandecor.com / Photo 8, 9, 10: etsy.com


Gotz To Get Me Some Sugarboo!

I love everything from this company Sugarboo Designs.  They have great pillows that look like the old grain or flour sacks and wall art in that looks like something you would find at an antique store or European flea market.  Everything is made by the owners Rebecca Puig and her husband Rick who are located in Roswell, GA.  Their philosophy is homemade products that add soul to a home. My favorite – You are My Sunshine!  They also have some great wall art that would be perfect for a kids room.  





 Sugarboo Art Print

How Romantic?  Who wouldn’t want to get this?

  Sugarboo Art Print

Check out their website Sugarboo Designs to find a retailer near you. 


PHOTOS:  All photo’s are from Sugarboo Designs


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