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Who Are Peggy & Fritz?

As I mentioned in my first post, I named my blog after my grandparents, Peggy and Fritz.  I wanted to share with you, the faces behind the names.  Fritz was 6’2” with olive skin and striking green eyes and Peggy was 5’6”,  looking more Swiss, than her native Italian (she had porcelain skin and bright blue eyes).  I find back then, their attire glamorous, with Fritz in his dress pants, suspenders, and top hat and Peggy in her floral dress.  I love this picture of them in their early years, looking so dapper leaning against the car. They were happily married for over 50 years! Salute Peggy & Fritz.

Peggy and Fritz 1


Very Hollywood

After a recent trip to the Grove, with my friend Erin, I purchased the new Michael Kors "Very Hollywood" Perfume.  We found ourselves in Nordstrom’s, smelling the new fall scents.  After a couple of hours, I loved how this settled on my wrist.  I  bought it to wear as a day scent.  You see, I wore Allure by Chanel, as my signature scent for many years and haven’t found something to replace it.  The fragrance notes included iced bergamot, wet jasmine, mandarin, ylang-ylang, gardenia, raspberry, orris, soft white moss, creamy amber and vetiver.  Being a marketing major, the bottle sold me before I even smelled the perfume.  It conjured up images of old Hollywood glam.  I picture Marilyn Monroe in “Gentleman Prefer Blonds”, sipping champagne at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  Maybe tonight, I’ll pour myself a glass of rose champagne, spritz on my “Very Hollywood”, throw on a pink boa and heels, and head to Hollywood, where a boa is still likely permitted!

  Michael Kors Very Hollywood Fragrance



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Photo 1: Groups.Gaia.com Photo 2: Michael Kors, and Photo 3:  Mail Online


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