Spring Has Sprung

This time of year reminds me of New England when the leaves start to bud and the daffodils begin to push their way to through the ground.  Living in Southern California we don’t notice the changes as much since things are green here all year round.  Spring has always meant new beginnings for me or a chance to start fresh.   I am kicking myself into high gear.   I just got a new sofa from Pottery Barn.  My sofa was over 14 years old and I loved it.  I would have kept it except the rolled arms felt dated from my Shabby Chic days. The problem with a new sofa is it comes with wanting new chairs, new art, new colors, new accessories, etc.  Then, I start to look at everything in our little beach house and  want to redo everything.  Now, I’m driving people crazy with pictures of chairs, paint swatches, and inspiration ideas.  I will keep you posted on what I decide.  I have some ideas and sources of inspiration on my "My Living Room Redo" boards on pinterest. Check it out and let me know what you think.

I’ve also joined Weight Watchers to rid myself of my post surgery weight gain.  My roomie from college and another friend of mine are doing  it as well so it’s been great motivation and actually a lot of fun.  I can’t wait to fit in my skinny jeans – goal is by the end of May.   I’m also attending the weekly meetings which, has been a great source of inspiration for me.  Lot’s of “Things to Do” this spring but loving every minute of it.  How about you?   Enjoy the images below.  Some yellow to help put some spring in your step!




Yellow = Friendship

Yellow = Happy

This is my wish for you today!

Photo Credits:  Via Pinterest (Sources Unknown).  If you know the actual source please email me and I will add it.


My New Obsession

A few months ago, I was shopping in one my favorite thrift stores and found a single gold glass that looked like one of these below.  I bought it for $1.00 or $2.00, I can’t remember.  The gold was sort of worn and I loved the vintage feel of it.   I thought it would be cute  to put flowers in.   A month later, I ran across an entire set at the same store, some had different patterns than I had seen before.  They were in great condition.  All the glasses were marked on the bottom and I was trying to find out what it meant, since I had never seen it before.  I had no idea who made them and when they were made.  I decided to go for it and bought the whole set.   I figured I would use the large one as a vase, the tumblers as vases or drinking glasses and the small ones for tea lights or drinking glasses (I multi function my glassware).  I just loved the glasses and had to have them.  Here’s a peek at a bunch of them piled up in my hall closet (I’m running out of room for all my glasses and mixed matched plates).  Fast forward to the photo below this one……

photo (14)

A few months ago, I get my issue of Architectural Digest and I’m flipping through the magazine, when I see this picture of Claire Weiss’s Apartment in NYC (see below).  Everything came to a screeching halt.  I read the article cover to cover hoping that they would share who makes these glasses since she had such a large collection of them.  There was nothing.  Since I can’t remember what issue I found this photo in you can see view the article here.  I decided to take a chance and email AD to see if someone knew who made those glasses.  I received a prompt email from Robert Rufino, Interiors Editor of AD.  He advised me he checked with Ms. Weiss and that they were called Shoji.  With a little more research, I found out that these were made by the Imperial Glass Company who produced these glasses between 1965 and 1979.  I was so happy to learn the source of my glasses so I could collect more.  In all my years of antiquing and shopping, I had never run across these.  I got an entire 15 plus set including the large vase for $75.00.  I just saw the vase on eBay for $1400.00 and the tumblers are selling on replacements.com for $25.99 each.  I’d say I got a bargain.  I’m in love with this bar and how she displays the various patterns.  Now I’m on the hunt for the other patterns and the ice bucket and decanter.  If you want o send me something for Christmas here you go, LOL!.

I was at my friend Nick’s house the other day and she had a bunch of trimmed kumquats in a little vase.  I commented on how cute they looked and she said she had a whole bag of them. I took a whole bunch of them home and filled four of the tumblers on my dining room table (see the photos below).  Next week it might be peonies and the following week it might be sparkling water for a dinner party.  Either way, I love the versatility of the glasses.  If you spot them on your travels let me know, I’m on the hunt for more.  I love a great bargain and I’d say I hit the jackpot on these.  Now, I don’t want to be fighting you on EBay for these!  LOL!

photo (13)

photo (15)

photo (16)

I can’t help but smile when I see these kumquats in my bargain tumblers.  Stay tuned Peggy & Fritz will be opening a little online shop in the upcoming months full of my thrift store bargains.  Why shouldn’t we all benefit.  Also, if you’re on Pinterest, stop by and visit.


PHOTO CREDITS:  Photo 2:  Thomas Loof, Photo 1, 3-5 by Peggy & Fritz


Sid Bergamin Part II

Ok, just so you don’t think I’m crazy I’m going to post some of his other projects because I know some of you are too lazy to check out his website, LOL!  See for yourself the contrast in design.  I love that he is so diverse.  It’s like dating two different men!  The porches on this home sing to me.  Pinned ImageThe blue and white ginger jars look amazing against the white back drop and I love how the natural wood breaks everything up, making it feel warm and rustic.Pinned Image

Pinned ImageI want the bird pictures in this dining room for my living room.Pinned ImageThe bathroom below is so beachy.  I wish we had space in our house to do something like this (see below).  Love the counter and how it’s made a rustic table or consol.  Pinned Image

Gotta Love Sid!  Happy Friday!


PHOTO CREDITS:  All photos are from Sid Bergamin


A Box of Crayons

Hope you’re all having a great week.  I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks.  I’ve got stacks of mags piling up.  I have had the April issue of AD sitting by my bed and I kept flipping through it and one designers home kept jumping out at me.  It was like, really? So different from my own personal taste and style but  Sid Beragmin’s home kept capturing my eye.  His name did not ring a bell to me, so of course, I started doing some research and realized many of the images I love out there are his.  I know I’m all over the place – back to the photos in AD.

OMG!  I felt like someone opened the large pack of Crayola crayons and threw them up in the air and drew all over his house.   Talked about color – texture – eclectic.  You name it, it’s in there.  I love how he describes it as something you put in the blender and mix it all up.  WOWZA.  Like my made up word.  Really.  I will tell you this is soooooooooooooooooo contrary and polar opposite of my own taste but, I LOVE IT!  I want to have cocktails at this house.  I want to go to a party at this house.  I want to be a guest at this house.  Wait until you see my guest room.  What I love so much about his designs after obsessing over his website www.sigberamin.com is how undeniably talented he is with his ability to do contemporary, classic, eclectic, and traditional.  I think I pinned his whole website. He said his house is so different than what he typically designs.  UGH, YEAH! Take a look at the outside of his house.  It looks like something you would see down South.

Then look at that blast of color on the inside.  Come on, you have to agree it looks like a box of crayons.  Pick your color.  Murano glass covering the shelves, pops of color everywhere.  How could you walk through here in a bad mood?

For a girl with an all white house, I have to tell you I would be so happy in this room.  While I personally could never decorate like this  – I am love with his use of color.  I love all his art work on the next two photos below.

How awesome is this home library.  Imagine writing your blog in there.  I also LOVE how he has the books arranged.  Contrary to other designers, I am not fond of one color books – it’s too matchy matchy for me. I love seeing all sizes and shapes with various colors on the shelves.  He has a sense of order with his books which appeals to me. 

Wouldn’t you love to have coffee out here?

Ok, look at this orderly closet.  Mine doesn’t come close to this and I love all the color.  Even the shoes.  It feels like Palm Beach.

The perfect men’s bathroom – I would even like this for myself.  Love the dark wall paper and eclectic art work.

Never in a million years could I decorate a room like this unless I worked under him to understand how his mind works but OMG, I want this to be my guest room.  It’s obscene in a good way.  This would be too chaotic for my day to day life but OMG, I want to be his guest.  How cozy is this room.

I’m beyond obsessed with his work.  Check out his website www.sigbergamin.com and look under beach and residential.  All his beach designs feel like “me” and there are more photos of his residence under residential as well as other homes he has designed.  You’ll really be able to see what an amazing talent he is! He just makes me HAPPY!  I wish Sid were my neighbor so I could go over and have cocktails or if I was in a bad mood walk  through his house just to put a smile on my face and then come home to my all white home, LOL!  Hope Sid puts a smile on your face today!


PHOTO CREDITS:  All photos are from Architectural Digest.  Photography by:  Roger Davies


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