A Box of Crayons

Hope you’re all having a great week.  I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks.  I’ve got stacks of mags piling up.  I have had the April issue of AD sitting by my bed and I kept flipping through it and one designers home kept jumping out at me.  It was like, really? So different from my own personal taste and style but  Sid Beragmin’s home kept capturing my eye.  His name did not ring a bell to me, so of course, I started doing some research and realized many of the images I love out there are his.  I know I’m all over the place – back to the photos in AD.

OMG!  I felt like someone opened the large pack of Crayola crayons and threw them up in the air and drew all over his house.   Talked about color – texture – eclectic.  You name it, it’s in there.  I love how he describes it as something you put in the blender and mix it all up.  WOWZA.  Like my made up word.  Really.  I will tell you this is soooooooooooooooooo contrary and polar opposite of my own taste but, I LOVE IT!  I want to have cocktails at this house.  I want to go to a party at this house.  I want to be a guest at this house.  Wait until you see my guest room.  What I love so much about his designs after obsessing over his website www.sigberamin.com is how undeniably talented he is with his ability to do contemporary, classic, eclectic, and traditional.  I think I pinned his whole website. He said his house is so different than what he typically designs.  UGH, YEAH! Take a look at the outside of his house.  It looks like something you would see down South.

Then look at that blast of color on the inside.  Come on, you have to agree it looks like a box of crayons.  Pick your color.  Murano glass covering the shelves, pops of color everywhere.  How could you walk through here in a bad mood?

For a girl with an all white house, I have to tell you I would be so happy in this room.  While I personally could never decorate like this  – I am love with his use of color.  I love all his art work on the next two photos below.

How awesome is this home library.  Imagine writing your blog in there.  I also LOVE how he has the books arranged.  Contrary to other designers, I am not fond of one color books – it’s too matchy matchy for me. I love seeing all sizes and shapes with various colors on the shelves.  He has a sense of order with his books which appeals to me. 

Wouldn’t you love to have coffee out here?

Ok, look at this orderly closet.  Mine doesn’t come close to this and I love all the color.  Even the shoes.  It feels like Palm Beach.

The perfect men’s bathroom – I would even like this for myself.  Love the dark wall paper and eclectic art work.

Never in a million years could I decorate a room like this unless I worked under him to understand how his mind works but OMG, I want this to be my guest room.  It’s obscene in a good way.  This would be too chaotic for my day to day life but OMG, I want to be his guest.  How cozy is this room.

I’m beyond obsessed with his work.  Check out his website www.sigbergamin.com and look under beach and residential.  All his beach designs feel like “me” and there are more photos of his residence under residential as well as other homes he has designed.  You’ll really be able to see what an amazing talent he is! He just makes me HAPPY!  I wish Sid were my neighbor so I could go over and have cocktails or if I was in a bad mood walk  through his house just to put a smile on my face and then come home to my all white home, LOL!  Hope Sid puts a smile on your face today!


PHOTO CREDITS:  All photos are from Architectural Digest.  Photography by:  Roger Davies


Karen said...

LOL! I got crazy just looking at the first room. Too much stimulation for my already too A.D.D/Type A personality. But the office space was soothing...I'd never leave. The guest room was cozy in a no sleep needed kind of way. I'm going to visit his site because I know sometimes I see a designers name and when you see the full portfolio of their work it's not just one way.
Hope you've been enjoying the mostly spring weather we're enjoying.

Anonymous said...

I was also so impressed with that house. I'm a book lover, so I'm crazy for all the shelves of beautiful books and the color in the room. I think one has to have very good taste to pull that off. Don't you?
Glad you're back! Teri


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