Spring Has Sprung

This time of year reminds me of New England when the leaves start to bud and the daffodils begin to push their way to through the ground.  Living in Southern California we don’t notice the changes as much since things are green here all year round.  Spring has always meant new beginnings for me or a chance to start fresh.   I am kicking myself into high gear.   I just got a new sofa from Pottery Barn.  My sofa was over 14 years old and I loved it.  I would have kept it except the rolled arms felt dated from my Shabby Chic days. The problem with a new sofa is it comes with wanting new chairs, new art, new colors, new accessories, etc.  Then, I start to look at everything in our little beach house and  want to redo everything.  Now, I’m driving people crazy with pictures of chairs, paint swatches, and inspiration ideas.  I will keep you posted on what I decide.  I have some ideas and sources of inspiration on my "My Living Room Redo" boards on pinterest. Check it out and let me know what you think.

I’ve also joined Weight Watchers to rid myself of my post surgery weight gain.  My roomie from college and another friend of mine are doing  it as well so it’s been great motivation and actually a lot of fun.  I can’t wait to fit in my skinny jeans – goal is by the end of May.   I’m also attending the weekly meetings which, has been a great source of inspiration for me.  Lot’s of “Things to Do” this spring but loving every minute of it.  How about you?   Enjoy the images below.  Some yellow to help put some spring in your step!




Yellow = Friendship

Yellow = Happy

This is my wish for you today!

Photo Credits:  Via Pinterest (Sources Unknown).  If you know the actual source please email me and I will add it.


Karen said...

Hi Ann,
I love the Restoration Hardware chairs and the settee and most everything you have on your Pinterest board. I agree, there is something magical about Spring!
Love the yellow doors.

Anonymous said...

That all sound so great. It's true once you start replacing things around the house, everything needs a facelift. Good luck with the Weight Watchers! How fab is it that you have friends to join with you. That makes it a more pleasurable experience doesn't it? Loving yellow right now myself and have added a few touches here and there around the house. Teri


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