Hey Buddy!

There is nothing that makes me happier than bud vases filled with fresh cut flowers from the garden sprinkled around the house. There are so many creative ways to display your flowers. I have used everything from old wine bottles, jam jars, soup cans, and even antique tea cups!

When I am having a good/bad day, working at my desk, or even going to the bano (gotta have something pretty to look at it), there is nothing better than looking at fresh flowers. My friend Nick, brought me some gorgeous dahlias the other day. I'm staring at them right now. Flowers make me HAPPY!

Look how beautiful these stakes are for an outside garden party or an outdoor wedding - how romantic!

I imagine this filled with gerber daisies, cosmos, or loves lies bleeding! Keeping it simple with the monochromatic look and the same flower.

Just a hodgepodge of color and shapes!

I love how they mixed antique creamers with crystal vases. You could even use vintage champagne glasses! Look for those random cups, vases, glasses, etc. or any on of a kind item sitting there all by its lonesome begging for a home!

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sweettoothduo said...

I have saved all Iain and my old Fresh cologne bottles and use them as bud vases. I line them up on my table with single flowers in each. (since that is about all they can hold). My favorite flowers are the tiny ones any ways-lily of the valley, violets, pansies, etc. Plus, the display is easier to see over than a centerpiece, and you can move them around easier at dinner!

Ann Shumbo said...

That's a great idea. Yes, I like shorter ones too especially for dinner parties. Perfect flower choices for the vases.


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