Our Little Beach House

Welcome to our little beach house!

My boyfriend and I rent this cute little home just three houses from the ocean and love it. I’ve been busy filling in plants, and pruning the roses. You see, our house is used for a show and it’s filming time is actually in the off-season (spring time) which stinks for us. It’s normally when my roses and hydrangeas are in full bloom. Unfortunately for us, they want it to look rundown and overgrown so for three months our house looks like a rundown, dilapidated, beach house (which is the look they were going for). They do put it back in order but it’s usually at the end of July when your half way through summer. It always takes a while for the plants to grow back, a number of them die have to be replaced. It takes about three or four months for the house to look back to normal and plants to fill in.

Outside House4

I finally got around to replacing and replanting the window boxes. I planted Temari, Verbena, and Gomphrena Carmine (these cool thistle like flowers).


Here they are up close.

You also get a view of my neighbors adorable New Orleans style house. It’s for sale for a few mill – chump change right? I would buy it in a heartbeat if I could afford it. It’s the cutest house and the person that buys it will likely tear it down! I will be so depressed if that happens.


The grass is finally filling in after we had new sod brought in and my roses are finally starting to re-bloom after having been trimmed.


My little havanese Ginger.


Last year when they first started using our house for Weeds - (I’ll post sometime the set pictures) they placed a large sleeping gnome in our yard. It became the joke the neighborhood and everyone wanted it. Everyone threatened to steal it. Unfortunately, it went back to the studio with the set design team. However, through the course of the year, started finding random gnomes in my garden. I have a sneaking suspicion is it’s my neighbor Quinn (she won’t fess up it’s her) and this is the latest one to appear!


View of our house walking up from the beach. I want to build a window seat in this corner window. It’s currently where Ginger sits and watches the world go by!

Front House5

I love having a front porch! I don’t understand people who have a porch and never use it. I love coming out in the early morning with my coffee and listening to the ocean before the day starts or in the evenings with a glass of wine and my mags.

It’s great for people watching and you would be surprised what you see in our neighborhood.


My roses finally back in bloom.


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