The Redbury

There’s a new hotel in Hollywood called The Redbury.  I noticed it because of the room decor.  One of my favorite things about design school was doing hotel and restaurant design.  Being a business traveler and having a degree in design, I tend to be highly critical of even the best hotels.  I’m always looking at the space planning, the furniture used,  the fixtures, (even moved furniture around), how the room functions, plug placement (don’t even get me started), etc.  I also have been in sales in the service industry for over 20 years so it makes me a very difficult customer.  

Here’s a description by the hotel, "The Redbury features 57 thoughtfully appointed guest flats that exude a bohemian counter-culture feel, inspired by traditional English antiques with design elements that are drawn from a variety of Old World ethnic cultures. Created to provide a relaxed and entertaining environment, each spacious guest suite offers a home-like atmosphere to accommodate stays of a day, a week, or as long as wanted."

There is nothing about this that screams hotel.  It feels like a cross between some of my favorite designers.  Unfortunately, for business I don’t travel to L.A., I live in Los Angeles.  Why can’t I find something like this in the cities I travel?  Probably a good thing!  I’m afraid I would be sleeping in, ordering room service, working and ordering room service again, napping, and then watching my late night shows with a glass of vino and jumping up and down on the bed!  Do you like?





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Photo Credits: Redbury Hotel from Redbury


Anonymous said...

Just for giggles i checked out the rate. it was not as bad as i would have expected, $240.00 for 1 night in a standard room!

i still think the fabulous place i crash at in Manhattan Beach takes all!

Karen said...

I love the name of the hotel to begin with--the rooms look so inviting, more like someone's home than a hotel room. I agree with you, why do hotel rooms always have to look so institutional even the expensive ones? I stayed at a small "boutique" hotel in London some years ago called The Claverly---the rooms (at that time) were wonderful. Thanks for introducing us to a new hotel, even if, for some of us So. Cal. residents, it is unlikely we'll stay there. :-)

Peggy and Fritz said...

Karen I couldn't agree more - we might try it when we go to the Hollywood Bowl - we usually go to the Playboy Jazz Festival yearly and book a hotel so we can drink and not have to worry about driving. This might be the place. Rose your too cute...your always welcome but if you book the hotel I'm staying with you :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing... love the kitchen area!



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