Vintage Inspired Appliances

While I am not active in interior design since graduating from FIDM,  I still like to be informed on creative and new products on the market.  I found these vintage inspired refrigerators and had to share them with you. The company “Big Chill” was started by Orion Creamer and his uncle, Thom Vernon.  Thom was designing a retro kitchen but wanted something with a vintage personality.  However, all the old 50’s retro refrigerators were either too small or inefficient for today’s modern times.  Thom’s nephew was just out of industrial design school and together after studying many vintage refrigerators and appliances came up with their own up to date design.  They use stamped metal, real chrome trim and gave it that vintage design feel with modern interior amenities makes it fresh, unique and has a special niche in the marketplace.  Living in a beach home, this style would work perfect for our 1915 home.  Our kitchen is very small and somehow stainless steel appliances would not fit with the architecture of our home.  They have the perfect apple green that would look amazing in our kitchen.  Do you think I can convince my landlord?  They have an array of custom colors you can choose from and also produce dishwashers and vintage looking stoves.  See for yourself how delicious these candy colored appliances are!!!


Original Big Chill Fridge Pink Lemonade

Love the two tone one, perfect for the beach!

Big Chill Custom Series Beach Cruiser Retro Fridge

Original Big Chill Fridge Buttercup Yellow

Look at all these custom colors you can do.  It’s like a box of crayola crayons…!

image Stoves in every color.  How fun would this be to cook on…how could you not be happy!

I could see these in a little beach house East to West (think Florida, Venice Beach, the Carolinas, etc.)!


Photo Credits:  Big Chill Fridge


Nick said...

Thanks for bringing us back to the good 'ole days. I really like the vintage look!

Anonymous said...

I would be very jealous if you got a pink one! Wonder if they could hold all of the food you buy!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see my husbands reaction to the pink one! I love all the colors, I would have trouble picking one!

FFFM170G said...

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