Destination: Firenze, Italy

“I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I will be back again”...Well I’m off and can barely contain my excitement.  My entire life I have dreamed of going to Italy.  I have traveled all over Europe and Asia, but never Italy.  It’s a long story and I won’t bore  you with the details on why I have yet to travel there, but all I know is I am leaving for Florence (Firenze) tomorrow.  Before everyone gets excited, it’s a business trip, which means I will be flying in and flying out.  Anyone who travels for business knows  that you very rarely have time to sightsee.  I will be arriving Thursday,  in meetings all weekend and back to the states by Tuesday.   

I love EVERYTHING about Italy, the food, history, textiles, shoes, handbags, clothes, design, etc.  You name it I love it.  While I will arriving in Florence, my business function is in Prato, known as the textile capital of Italy.  Italy is a destination that I have dreamed of my entire life.  I know Peggy & Fritz will be smiling from above knowing their grand-daughter will finally have stepped foot in Italy.  You can read about Peggy & Fritz here and if for some reason the link doesn’t work, click on Peggy & Fritz under LABELS and there is two posts on Peggy & Fritz.  This is bitter sweet for me.  The year my grandparents passed away, was the year I was suppose to travel with them to see the “homeland”, as my friend Sash would say.  No one can quite understand what it will mean to me when I arrive in Florence, I will hold my head high, keep my composure, and try not to scream out loud, “I’ve FINALLY arrived!”.  I cannot wait to blog about my experience. 

For now, Ciao, Ciao, Ciao!!!  Love all things Italian!

Art & History

Men and Women’s Fashion

GUCCIT.jpg GUCCI 2010 2011 image by creoencristo




Yummy Food


Scooters (Vespa)


  I cannot wait to update you when I get home next week.  I hope you all have a great week!



Karen said...

Ciao baby! Have a great trip, even if you don't get to squeeze in any sightseeing, you'll still be in the country of your dreams!


christi @ grey umbrella said...

WOW! travel safe and have a great time.

Erin Banks said...

Hope you're having a fabulous time....make sure you bring back some textile samples for Petro...if you can...hee hee I know he would love see some..


The Simply Luxurious Life said...

Have a wonderful trip! Ciao!

Peggy and Fritz said...

Thanks Everyone! First time I'm able to get to the internet because the crazy hotel I'm staying at doesn't let you send messages but only receive them and internet service is minimal. UGH! I'm so dependent on modern technology. I have gotten a tour of Florence and I'm hoping to stay for a few days to shop. It's unbelievable and beyond my wildest dreams. Ciao Bellas! Grazie Mille for all the comments!


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