Small Space with Great Design

I get all types of home and fashion magazines.  I travel a lot for work and find it more economical to buy a subscription vs. paying for it at the newsstand.  I also like to keep current with the various styles and trends that are not my personal style hence, Country Living.  I was so surprised this month when I received the October issue and found this fabulous article on Lizzy Carney, stylist and designer for a beautiful home & accessories store called Euro Trash in Jacksonville, IL.  I was completely smitten with her apartment and design skills for a 1000 square foot apartment.  Take a look for yourself.

She painted all the walls in the entire apartment Benjamin Moore, Amherst Gray.

I love the image below of her eclectic living room with a European flare.  My only wish is that the magazine showed the layout and space plan of the apartment.  It’s challenging to get a visual of the flow of the space the way the photos were taken.  I  wondered if was more of an open floor plan or if the rooms were all separate spaces (kitchen and living).   Either way, I want to be her BFF.  How much fun would be to curl up on this couch, sip wine, and catch up with your friends.  She used the prettiest shade of pink as her accent color, reminisce of peonies in the springtime, perfect with gray. In addition, her fabulous mix of textures and materials really softens up the room against the gray palette (ex. leather sofa, rustic wood table, shutters, glass lamp, bust, etc.).

Her pint sized kitchen looks amazing with the oversized chandelier from a Belgium and the old refrigerator (looks like the vintage inspired ones, I posted about last week) she purchased from a Texas flea market adds just the right pop of color.  She uses IKEA accessories and shelving to maximize space on the wall.  I like the clean line look of the wall with the rustic elegance of the bar area. Also, love the bird on top of the fridge.

She converted a basement (something I wish we had in L.A.) into a dining room and wine cellar using Belgian grape crates to store her wine.  The vintage books are the perfect compliment to the crates.  What a great place to host a dinner party.  I picture the lights dim, tea lights every where, vintage china on the table sharing a yummy meal with friends.  Ok, Ok, Ok, it’s not my house, I know.  However, this is one of the most creative use of space, I have seen in a long time.    Love the concrete floors.

She turned her second bedroom into a dressing room.  Vintage racks display her clothes.  She took an outdoor carpet and spray painted the flag on the rug.  What a great idea for anyone on a budget.  The ottoman was recovered using pink denim from Wal-Mart.  Love the pop of red and the art work in the room.  She really knows how to create a glam dressing room.  Wish I had a room I could dedicate to my clothes.

As you can see below, the bedroom was kept simple.  I wish they got a better shot of this room.  For me, it was the only room lacking something, I can’t quite put my finger on it.  She put gray fabric behind the upholstered headboard to hid an off center/odd window. Again, she uses a chandelier over the bed, something we can’t do in L.A. with earthquakes.  The things you need to think about.  I think she did an amazing job maximizing the space and taking advantage of all the rooms.  Could you live with gray in all the rooms?  I like it in the kitchen, living room, and I think it even works in the dressing room.  I might have switched up the bedroom and painted it a pale pink.  Thoughts?


200 East Douglas
    Jacksonville, IL 62650

Tel: (217) 245-9489

Owner:  Annie Brahler

Photo Credits:  Country Living



Nick said...

When can I move in? I love her place.

Anonymous said...

I think the bedroom is lacking something on the wall. It bugs me when there is nothing at all on a wall. It feels like a dept. store. Other than that I love the gray, love the pink ottoman, love the fridge and wine crates, etc.

Peggy and Fritz said...

Sharon - I agree but had to post it since it was part of the house. Something was lacking for me. She has an incrediable design sense but I couldn't put my finger on it. That's why I thought maybe flip the colors around - put a light pink on the walls and use a patterned curtain or add a pop of art work to the gray walls. Not sure if it's just the angle they took.

Karen said...


I really love this space---I'm with you, I wish there were larger images of the rooms...the basement wine cellar is inspired! I really like the kitchen and the paint color. This feature was in Country Living magazine? Wow! I'd want to be BFF with her too, besides she has great shoes.



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