Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Three years ago tomorrow morning, my little baby girl was born.  I am not a dog person by nature.  Don’t get me wrong, I love animals but I’m not the one rolling around on the floor with other peoples animals or letting them slobber all over me. I’m the first one to think, “Ugh! That dog needs a bath!”  But like every parent, I think my dog is perfect.  I have done some major business deals in my lifetime but nothing prepared me for little Ginger.  I remember flying to Arizona to pick her up and hyperventilating the whole way there thinking, “What am I doing?”.  I had no idea how to train a dog. I had read all these books, got great advise from a woman (I basically stalked her) that lived in Manhattan Beach, (she got a dog from the same breeder) then crossed my fingers and hoped I didn’t screw up too bad.  Ginger became my pride and joy.  I feel like one of those parents that pull their kids picture out of their wallet and go on and on about their kids when all your want to say is, “Shut up, will you!” Well guess what,  that’s me now! I can’t help it.  I just wanted to say Happy Birthday Ms. Ginger, I’m so happy to have you in my life!  See below for mommies brag blog!!!

This picture was taken several weeks before I got Ginger.  I believe she was 7 weeks old here. My heart melted when I saw this picture. 

Jenny 7 Weeks

One of her baby pictures. This is before she came home with me.   Today it’s still one of my favorite pictures because my mom has a picture of me as a baby in a cat box and it reminds me of this picture.  Ginger on Box  PuppyThe day I picked Ginger up.  Her grandma Janet saying good-bye to her at the PHX airport.  She was 3.2 lbs in this picture and fit in the palm of my boyfriends hand.  She is currently 9lbs, 4oz.

Janet (Breeder) - Jenny Saying Good-bye

This was the first few weeks after I brought her home, she was sitting on a bag on my desk

Ginger Sleeping on my Tote Bag

The famous head tilt. She was only 5 months old. 

Ginger22 - 02-21-08

Prior to her first hair cut.  Help mom…I can’t see!


Her first Halloween Costume purchased by my boyfriend was a purple monkey.  This is what happens when you send a man out to get a costume. Does she look happy or what?


Her First Christmas Photo…while I was trying to get this picture she was looking at me like, “Shit or get off the pot please!”

1Ginger - Christmas2

Ginger Before Her Haircut

This is where she hangs out in the corner of our yard watching all the “peeps” go by!

Ginger's People Watching Spot

Last years Halloween costume.  She was suppose to be a lion and my sister emailed me thinking she was a flower.  LOL!


Her first plane ride since I picked her up.  We were off to see her cousin Rags in Denver.


Rags and Ginger with her cousin Henley.  They were all tuckered out from playing all day.


Ginger sitting down in the middle of my boyfriend untangling our Christmas lights.

Christmas Card 1

Her Christmas outfit.  Getting ready for Uncle Sash and Auntie Nick to come over. 


Cousin Rags visiting this summer from Colorado.  How fun.  He’s never seen the beach so we did a photo shoot.  I can’t believe we got them looking at the same time.Ginger and Rags

Her favorite toy of all time.  This is the fifth one we have bought.


Her little peace sweater I just got from Home Goods, love it.Ginger 4

Her favorite spot in the house.  This is where she sits and watches all the action go by.




Tracey said...

Aww ... I love your doggie photos!!!

Happy birthday Ginger!!! :D

dminerhazel said...

Ginger is adorable, & clearly has a "Happy Home". I am a canine lover-growing up in rural East Haddam, I walked the back roads, fields & woods with my My Best Friend, Lady. She was a mix of German Shephard & Collie. Golden, short haired. My companion for 14 years. As a kid, a favorite TV Show was LASSIE-it seemed My LADY was equally as smart & loyal. Like human children, canines all deserve a good home. Clearly Ginger is enjoying her good fortune.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ginger Girl!
I love cuddling with you and cannot wait to see you soon!

You are exactly what your Mommy needed!

Karen said...

That face! What's not to love? Happy Birthday to your sweet Ginger!

Acanthus and Acorn said...

I can totally relate! Love dogs, but not jumping up or slobbering on me! We have a golden retriever who I adore, but she is not allowed on the furniture or even in the bedrooms!

Happy B-day to your little girl!!!

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Those Hallowe'en costumes totally cracked me up. Your dog is adorable (almost as cute as mine - haha).


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