Outstanding in the Field is Simply Outstanding

What a great day we had yesterday.  Blake and I attended Outstanding in the Field with my great friend Nick and her hubby Sash.  The event was being held at Wattles Farm.  Who knew this place existed off of Hollywood Boulevard, I certainly didn’t.  It exceeded all my expectations.  We had such a great time and met some fabulous people along the way.  Take a peek for yourself.



Everyone brings their own plates and places them here.  P1020636 Fruit laying on a table.


I loved this view of the palm trees in the Hollywood Hills.P1020643The beauty of Wattles Farm.  

P1020642 P1020644
P1020646 P1020651

 P1020645The table being set up.  It was set for about 150 people and curved down a long walk way and under the trees.  It was amazing.



The staff getting everything prepared.  I snuck in to get a picture.


P1020655 P1020672
P1020671 P1020673

The beautiful flowers from the farm (Top to Bottom:  Gerber Daisy, Mexican Sage, and a Dahlia).


P1020667 P1020669

The winemaker Joe Davis and his wife Jill from Arcadian Winery located in the Santa Rita Hills.  They were pouring their 2008 Pink Pisoni Rose and 2006 Sleepy Hollow Chardonnay while appetizers were being served.


Sash, Nick, Me, and Blake sipping wine.

P1020676The founder of Outstanding in the Field welcoming everyone.

P1020689 The guests listening below.

P1020690 Everyone sitting down and finding seats (see below).


P1020695  Our great friends Sash and Nick above and Blake and I below.P1020701  Our neighbors at the table were rude and terrible!  Just kidding!  Had to say that incase they read this.  We had a blast with them!

Tim is on the Left and Patrick is on the Right.P1020720  Blake and I with the winemaker’s wife Jill.   She could not have been any sweeter! P1020723

They served throughout the evening their chardonnay, pinot noir and a syrah.  Lot’s of wine!


The Menu for the Evening.


The potted pork and liver pate below along with the main course, chili braised pork shoulder over grits.  Of course, I started yapping and having a little vino and completely forgot to take a picture of the yummy buttermilk salad and the chocolate cake with berries.  Oops!

P1020702 P1020713


Our waitress with Patrick.  I called her chiclet girl because her teeth were so pearly white!  She was super nice.  They had one server per eight people. 



After we finished our main course, people started looking up because it started to sprinkle.  This was so funny because it never rains in LA and you can almost guarantee any event you go to, it will always be sunny.  We had rain for almost a week and it had cleared up yesterday and late afternoon the clouds rolled in and we thought for sure it wouldn’t start sprinkling until after the event. 


Patrick’s wife covering her head.  We were joking that she looked like the flying nun!  She was great fun!



It started to get dark and continued to sprinkle and unfortunately, the last remaining photo’s I took of the dessert and some of our guests did not come out.  I thought the flash was on but somehow it got turned off.  Probably a good thing, since we were all wet, a little tipsy, but overall had a fabulous and wonderful time.   We want to do it again next year but in a different city.  If you love food and wine this is the event for you.


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Karen said...


What an amazing concept. I just read about how Outstanding in the Field got started and where they've hosted dinners since that first one in 1998. What a great experience, rain and all.



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