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As most of my friends know, I work in corporate America and day dream about hitting lotto and spending my days surrounded by flea markets, furniture, textiles, and anything to do with home design, etc. While some of us have the ability to follow our passion, I have fiscal responsibilities and need to put the same passion I have for the things I love into my work.  Fortunately for me, I work for an Italian corporation and get to deal with some amazing companies.  One of my first clients was Minotti Los Angeles, the most gorgeous showroom in Los Angeles.  Mary Ta is the owner and creative director of this amazing showroom. 

For those of you who are not familiar with Minotti, it is an Italian company that manufacturers case goods, tables, sofas, chairs, and various types of furniture produced in Northern Italy.  Mary Ta is the force behind the first mono-brand store for Minotti.  In the past, Minotti has been a part of other furniture stores collections.  Mary Ta was the first business owner to create a single brand store.  This is something very rare in the Italian furniture world, especially in Los Angeles where most companies carry various European luxury brands. Mary’s concept has been so successful, that today she is one of their highest revenue stores  and her concept is being expanded in other markets.  That’s the highest form of a complement, I’d say!    Her high profile clientele includes many well known designers, architects, actors, actresses, and many industry executives as well as prominent business people. While I can’t revel her client list, let’s just say it’s the “Who’s Who'” of Hollywood.  Mary is known for her fabulous customer service and elegant demure.  How some people say you look like your pet, Mary looks like her showroom. She’s always so put together and always looks elegant and classy.

Here is Mary is seen below with Mattia Biagi one of her employees, a former fashion model and successful artist specializing in tar art.  His art can be seen in various art galleries around the world. 

Minotti is known for it’s clean lines and classic style. It’s contemporary in design but not over the top like some European designs.   You could furnish your entire house with Minotti or if you are more eclectic in style, their pieces are the perfect accent to any room.  See below some of the pieces from the Minotti collection.  The chair below is the Cortina Chair.

Cortina from Minotti

The Hamilton sofa below in various configurations.

I love the look of the Klimt sofa, it’s classic.

The Calder table below seen in different sizes.

Hamilton bed by Minotti below.  Very sleek and elegant.

The Moore Bed by Minotti (seen below).

  Mary Ta, the owner has been featured in various home and fashion magazines and has co-hosted many events with major magazines.  For many of us women who dream of owning our business, she is a great inspiration.  She had a concept idea that she brought to life and through her vision, Minotti Los Angeles became one of the most successful furniture stores in Los Angeles.  


In addition to the Minotti line, she carries a couple of niche designers from Italy to compliment the Minotti line.  Below are chandeliers handcrafted by two artists from Milano.  They are made by Lolli e Memmoli produced by Ivan Lolli and Mario Memmoli.   


You can see how incredible these chandeliers look once they have been installed.  See below photos of Lolli & Memmoli chandeliers installed in the home of Kanye West. Kayne West’s house was featured in Interior Design Magazine.


Mary also showcases various pieces from Mauro Mori (below Mary and Mauro).  An artist who deals mostly with raw materials such as blocks of wood or marble.  His pieces are sculptural in design and are the perfect accent to a room. His ultimate creations are sculptural and organic in design.

"Eyelong," pictured above, is carved from a single Albizia rosewood tree from the Seychelles Islands, is an example of his elegant work.  Below is another sample of his beautiful detailed work.Movimento 2

It doesn’t matter what your style is, Minotti Los Angeles is a beautiful showroom not to be missed.  If your in Los Angeles or shopping on Beverly Boulevard make sure you stop in and see for yourself.  I think Brian B on Yelp summed up Minotti Los Angeles perfectly.

“The superb Minotti store in Los Angeles is the first US showroom featuring the exclusive designs of Minotti, one of Italy's premiere contemporary furniture lines and a must-stop on your Beverly Blvd. furniture of dreams tour. Imagine shopping to furnish James Bond's ultramodern ski chalet and you'll begin to get the picture. Everything from the black lacquered credenzas to the giant chandeliers to the goatskin and reindeer skin rugs beside the open hearth fire says, I'm sleek, sexy, expensive and worth it. If I win the lottery tomorrow, you'll find me here.”


Minotti Los Angeles is located at:

8936 Beverly Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90048-2421
(310) 278-6851


Make sure you tell them Ann from Peggy & Fritz sent you!



Photo Credits:  Photo 1:  Mary Ta, Photo 2-8:  Home Portfolio, Photo 9-12:  Photo Source Unknown, Photo 13, 14,: Interior Design Magazine, Photo 15:  Chris Weeks, Photo 16 & 17: Source Unknown.


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Thank you so much for your comment! You are such a sweetie! Love this post!! The furniture is amazing!

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She is just so adorable. I love her on anything that she does. I like the eyelong furniture. It is just so stylish. The chandeliers are magnificent.


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