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I’ve lived in LA for 15 years, and at times felt like I’m behind on current events. Since leaving Boston, I had stopped reading the morning paper.  The Boston Globe was one of my favorite papers and at that time you could not get it delivered daily in Los Angeles.  I was getting the Wall Street Journal however, something was missing.  Over the last few months, I started picking up the Sunday New York Times and it always seemed to cover the things I loved.  I found myself engrossed in the paper and reading it cover to cover.  I decided to go on-line and order the paper for weekend delivery.  I noticed that many of the areas I was interested in such as the dining and food section and the home section were printed during the week.  Let’s face it, I scan the front page.  I decided what the heck, I’ll order it for daily delivery. I’ve been getting it now for a week and a half and I’m addicted.

Prior to getting the paper, I would get up and go straight to my computer.  Occupational hazard working for an Italian company.   I stopped having “me time” in the morning.  What I mean by “me time”, is no phone, computer, TV, etc.  Not anymore, the NY Times is my savior. I now pick up my wet paper (thank gosh for plastic bags), thanks to the sprinklers with my coffee in hand and sit on my front porch.  I love the calm of morning, the sound of the ocean, and just me, myself, and I reading the paper

with a cup of Joe

on my front porchP1000798

equals ~ UTTER BLISS!

I read it cover to cover and my favorite is Thursdays home section.  This week it featured the incredible 1787 year old home of Michael DesRosiers, an artist from  Lyme, CT.  Lyme, CT is a little town sandwiched between Old Lyme and Hadlyme.  It’s namesake comes from Lyme Disease.  I grew up directly across the Connecticut River and was so excited to see a house from this charming area featured in the Times.   I’m so bummed because I could not copy the pictures from the New York Times home section to my blog.  They were so beautiful and would have brought this post to life.  However, it’s a fascinating read and you cannot help but be inspired by his creativity, mix of mass market home accessories with flea market finds.  His greenhouse is to die for….I would love to host a luncheon or a dinner party there.  It would be my favorite place to read the New York Times.  Click the link to view the article  New York Times Home Section and the link direct to the photos is here Lyme, CT home.  Make sure you let me know what room was your favorite.  Who knew this little gem existed near where I grew up.  Maybe when I’m home for the holidays, I will beg him for a tour. 


Nick said...

So glad you're enjoying the New York Times. Regarding your article in Lyme, my favorite place in his home is his greenhouse, too. Imagine strung twinkle lights and tea lights everywhere......

Peggy and Fritz said...

I know it would be incrediable Nick! Especially there because at night the stars are so bright and with the tea lights and twinkle lights - it would be the perfect place to host an amazing dinner. Already have the table set. It would be an Eddie Ross table :)

goodniteirene.wordpress.com said...

i'm a sunday nyt girl. i used to get it everyday, but i'd feel so terrible for throwing it away (and i usually leave the house before mr deliveryman gets here).
thanks for sharing thursday's section....beautiful!!
i think they need to feature your front porch in one of their home sections someday. totally dying over those giant windows and beaded ceiling...stunning.

Peggy and Fritz said...

Thanks Katie :)

Karen said...

I read the NY Times online but I'm certain I would love the daily hard copy. Your porch makes me smile---how inviting and comfortable it looks.

Karen @ Garden, Home and Party


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