The Big Apple – Part 1

Unfortunately, I am not a full time blogger and work in the corporate world so finding time in between work and personal proves challenging.  However, I do love sharing my great finds with my friends.  I finally had a moment to compile this post.  I have to say it’s so much more fun blogging about topics I love, than dealing with corporate mumbo jumbo.  I was heading back to my hotel after finishing up a call and stumbled across this great shop The End of History Shop in the West Village.  I was stopped in my tracks by all the colored glass in the window.  It was like a giant candy store  (think jelly bellies in all the different colors) but with glass!  It’s an interior designer’s fantasy as it was filled with vintage hand blown glass, rare ceramics and mid-century furniture. Most of the glass originates in Europe (mostly Scandinavian, Italian, etc. from the 1920’s to the 1960’s).  It is one of the largest collections of vintage glass in one location that I have ever seen.

I was fortunate to meet the owner, Stephen Saunders, the day I popped in.  He is very friendly and generous, answering all my questions and letting me take tons of photos. I told him my LA designer friends would love his store.  My friend Erin would not have stopped oohing and aahing…!  The glass was grouped by coloring and sometimes by style, type of glass, or pottery.  I tried to capture all the different kinds of glass he carried.  It’s the perfect place to shop if you are looking for a color grouping for a table, shelf, display, etc. or just the right accessory item for a room in your house. My favorite items in his store was the lamps.  He had several vintage murano glass lamps to which he added a lucite bottom .  They looked tasteful, classic and simply elegant.  I wanted them all.  Whatever your style, taste, or color palate ~ you are sure to find something at the The End of History Shop

See for yourself all the gorgeous glassware below:

 Luminex - May 2010 194

Luminex - May 2010 191

Luminex - May 2010 170 

Luminex - May 2010 176

 Luminex - May 2010 172

Here is an example of a Murano lamp with the lucite bottom.  This picture does not do this lamp justice.  It’s stunning (see below). Luminex - May 2010 181

Luminex - May 2010 174

     Luminex - May 2010 175

Luminex - May 2010 177

Luminex - May 2010 171         Luminex - May 2010 180    Luminex - May 2010 184    Luminex - May 2010 178

Luminex - May 2010 186

   Luminex - May 2010 185

Luminex - May 2010 179


Make sure you check out Stephen’s blog at The End of History Shop

The End of History Shop - 548 1/2 Hudson Street – NYC 10014 - Phone:  212.647.7598.

Tell them Peggy & Fritz sent you! 


P.S. I haven’t mastered how to do pictures in a grouping so it’s not so long.  If someone knows how to do it please email me at ann@peggyandfritz.com!




PHOTO CREDITS:  All photos are from Peggy & Fritz.  Exception:  Photo 9 is courtesy of The End of History Blog

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