The Simple Things in Life

I’ve had a busy work schedule and have wanted to blog more but it’s been a little challenging.  I recently found The Simply Luxurious Life's Blog and have been so inspired.  I am a quote fanatic (I’ve kept a quote journal for years) and she always has great words of wisdom and fabulous quotes.  Recently I have taken a step back and tried to regroup and really look at my life, where I’m going, what I want to do, and how I want to live my life.  It just so happened when I found Shannon’s blog, I was doing a lot of reflection.  It was like each post spoke to me.  Not only are her blog entries inspiring, she has a beautiful writing style.   Writing for me equals anxiety.  I’ve always loved those writers that conjure these beautiful images in your head with their creative writing style.  With that being said, I think sometimes we all need to step back from the craziness of our lives and really take a look around us and enjoy the simple things in life. 

I created this list a number of years ago and add to it periodically.  I keep it near my desk to refer to it periodically as it always makes me smile.  I got inspired to share with you my list with you.  I encourage all of you to make your own list, I think you might surprise yourself!  What makes you happy?


Things that Make Me Happy

  1. Rainy Days
  2. Thunder and Lightning Storms
  3. Catching Lightning Bugs
  4. The Smell of Fresh Cut Grass    
  5. Shuffling my Feet through the Fall Leaves
  6. Smell of Fresh Coffee in the Morning
  7. Lattes from Starbucks
  8. A Buttery Glass of Chardonnay
  9. Driving a Fast Car that Handles Well
  10. Looking at the Stars on a Clear Night
  11. A Full Moon over the Ocean
  12. California Sunsets Especially in the Winter
  13. The Feeling you get when you Help Somebody
  14. Reading an old Love letter 
  15. Running into an old Boyfriend When I'm Skinny
  16. Having a Good Hair Day
  17. A Big Fuzzy Sweater on a Cold Day
  18. Watching the Snow Fall at Night under the Lights
  19. Snow Covered Trees
  20. Decorating the Christmas Tree
  21. A Very Dry Spicy Full Bodied Glass of Cabernet
  22. The Feeling of Accomplishment
  23. Somebody Telling Me I Did a Great Job
  24. Reading a Good Book
  25. Wearing my Burberry Scarf
  26. Eating Crab at Crustacean
  27. The Way the House Looks Right after it's been Cleaned
  28. Snuggling with My Significant Other
  29. Getting a Handwritten Note in the Mail
  30. Candles burning Anytime Anywhere
  31. Fresh cut Flowers in a Jam Jar  H_0142.jpg jam jar flowers 2 image alex_peploe123
  32. Finishing a Long Run
  33. Giggling with my Girlfriends
  34. Being Independent and Spending Time Alone
  35. Talking to Elderly People and Hearing their Stories
  36. Meeting New People
  37. Learning New Cultures
  38. Homemade Ravioli and Polenta – Grandma Style
  39. Falling In Love
  40. Butterflies in Your Stomach the First Time You Kiss
  41. Laughing so Hard your Sides Hurt
  42. Knowing Something that No one Knows
  43. Doing Something Spontaneous and Having A Ball
  44. A Man in a Pair of Levis, White Tee Shirt and Hat on Backwards
  45. A Man in a Suit in a Nice Pair of Shoes 
  46. Closing a Large account that I worked hard on!
  47. Smell of a man wearing cologne
  48. Dreaming
  49. Traveling to a Place You've Never Been  
  50. Finding a Good Bargain Wherever it May Be
  51. Sunday Flea Markets
  52. Dinner Parties with Friends
  53. Using My Best China Everyday
  54. The Look on Someone's Face When you Compliment them
  55. Unexpected Glances
  56. Smiling For No Reason
  57. The Smell of Tide and Bounce on Clean Clothes
  58. Bubble Baths with Candles and Wine
  59. A Hot Shower
  60. Writing a Handwritten Note
  61. The Internet / My Computer
  62. Doing Something you didn't Think You Could Do
  63. Cleaning Closets
  64. Springtime in New England
  65. Newbury Street Anytime
  66. Hot Coco with Marshmallows
  67. Pizza
  68. Houses with Character
  69. Beautiful Artwork
  70. Being Humbled
  71. People with Character
  72. Lazy Days
  73. Watching a Good Movie 
  74. Facing my Fears
  75. A Good Cry 
  76. Falling In Love
  77. A Mont Blanc Pen
  78. The Smell of the Air after it Rains
  79. Hugging the One You Love
  80. Eskimo Kisses
  81. Being Goofy and Not Caring
  82. New Makeup
  83. The Way you Feel When you Wear a New Suit and Everything Matches
  84. High Thread Count Sheets Product Image
  85. Grandpa’s Pillows
  86. Dreaming
  87. Dancing When No One's Around 
  88. Fine Dining
  89. The Smell of a BBQ
  90. Eating Lobster Dipped in Butter and Corn on the Cob
  91. A Great Work Out
  92. The Feeling of Sand Through You Toes
  93. The Sound of the Ocean at Night
  94. Children Laughing / Their Innocence
  95. Apple Picking in the Fall 
  96. Christmas Parties in New England
  97. Hot Apple Cider on the Stove with Cinnamon Sticks and Cloves
  98. Experiencing New Cultures
  99. Doing Something No One Thought You Would or Could
  100. Loving Somebody More than Yourself
  101. Independence
  102. The Smell of Lilac Bushes when the Wind Blows
  103. Really Listening to Somebody
  104. Coming Home from a Long Trip
  105. Cold Crisp Air Blowing Across you Face
  106. Eating Icicles
  107. Early morning coffee on my front porch with the paper
  108. Meeting a Stranger and Feeling Like You’ve know them for Ages. 
  109. Elderly People – Their Wisdom – Their Stories
  110. The Secret
  111. Dinner with friends
  112. Gardening on a Sunday afternoon – watching things grow
  113. Finishing everything on my list of things to do list
  114. My Dog Ginger – I Love When She Tilts her Head to Look at Me
  115. My friends who love me unconditionally
  116. Complimenting a complete stranger
  117. Making snow angels no matter what age I am snowangels

p.s. Erin number 108 is you and I when we’re old doing a craft project!


Ambition is that grit in the soul which creates disenchantment with the ordinary and puts the dare into dreams. 
~Max Lucado~

Photo Credits:  Image 1:  diggingrifiles.wordpress.com, Image 2: Peggy & Fritz, Image 3:  galeforce.blogspot.com, Image 4:  channel4.com, Image 5:  scienceblogs.com, Image 6-11:  Unknown (contact with credit).


goodniteirene.wordpress.com said...

so damn good!!
my favorites are:
1, 2, 6!!!!!!, 24(although it's been a while), and 102.
have a great weekend.

Peggy and Fritz said...

I haven't smelled lilac bushes in so long :) Thanks Katie for the comments. Trish thanks for your FB comments. You know me Mexican Food will never be on this list. Maybe Italian food HMMM. I need to add.

Karen said...

It's the simple things, isn't it? I am inspired to make a list---thank you for sharing yours!

Have a simply wonderful weekend.


The Simply Luxurious Life said...

First of all, I couldn't be more over the moon that my blog found you when it did. Thank you so very much for your kind words. I will be including a link to your blog under Thanks for the Mention.

Your list had me repeatedly smiling as I made my way through it. Reading old love letters, hot apple cider w/cinnamon sticks (I'm so excited that that time of year is almost here!) - I can't list one I DIDN'T agree with. You've really demonstrated that life - the beauty - is in the details. Wonderful post, truly wonderful.

Also, thank you for your lovely comment on the blog.

Enjoy your weekend, and happy to have found you. :)


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