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Growing up Meg Ryan was one of my favorite actresses. I watched her from her soap days, (now I can’t remember what one), to her first role as Goose’s wife in Top Gun, and my all time favorite movie Harry Met Sally. I always felt like she was someone I could be friends with, don’t ask me why (wouldn’t it be terrible if she turned out to be bitchy), she always seemed so approachable. Maybe I feel connected to her because we’re both from Connecticut and I loved that she was always a little preppy!  Imagine my surprise, when I saw her house in the June issue of Elle Decor.   I knew we were kindred spirits when I saw her Martha’s Vineyard home designed by Marsha Russell of Satinwood LTD in Bedford, NY.  This house is soooooo me!  While I’m trying to add more color into my own home, I am forever drawn to white.  I don’t know why, but for me it’s pure bliss. I know some people prefer color but after 15 years, I never grow tired of white.   My boyfriend thinks we live in a hospital and my friends joke that that I got a white dog to go with my white furniture.  This home is so simple and beautiful that I can’t help but be drawn to it.  It only reinforces my fondness for Meg Ryan and why if we lived next door to one another – we’d be BFF’s.


I love the grandeur of this dining table with this big chairs. I picture this at night with lots of votives burning, wine being passed around the table, and yummy food prepared from local ingredients.


This kitchen just makes you want to cook.  I love that the pendant lights and  how the wood beams give the room more interest rather than a flat surfaced ceiling. It’s refreshing to see a rustic wood table with the wide planks as the focal point vs.. your traditional matching island.  It adds an organic feeling and warms up the room.


What I find interesting architecturally about the house is the use of height and different windows and ceiling materials.  Each room is slightly different yet it all compliments one another.


While some would find this room boring, I love it.  White, white, and more white.  Heaven for me


The bathroom tile looks so vintage and I like how they used the wood room divider. 


I love the clean look of the counter with the oversized sink.  The pendent lights are one of my favorite things in this bathroom along with the oversize mirror.  The whole bathroom is a combination of vintage with modern lines but the materials compliment one another.  I love it.  Wouldn’t you be happy washing brushing your teeth every morning here?


What are your thoughts?  Are you a white person or do you like your color?



Photo Credits:  All photos by William Waldrom /Elle Decor


Anonymous said...

I love white so much and can only dream this would be my home some day! with 2 boys and a brown chocolate dog; i have zero chance of ever keeping anything prestine!

but i love your home!
xoxo Rosie

Karen said...

Funny you should mention your love of white---I went to a bridal shower yesterday and my friends house is filled with furnishings that have color but the walls are white and we were commenting on how soothing and relaxing the white makes the room feel. On the dog issue---I've always been accused of having dogs that are "decorator dogs" (because the go with the house!)

I could totally see you and Meg being BFF's.


The Simply Luxurious Life said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Her home is lovely. To escape away to Martha's Vineyard and dine in her dining room with a group of friends, followed by a long, leisurely bath would be a dream.

I too love white as my major color throughout my home, however, so far only my master bed and bath in reality appear this way. :)

Lovely post. Thank you so much for stopping by the other day. Your comment made me smile. I look forward to stopping back by.

Enjoy the week ahead.

Peggy and Fritz said...

Thanks for leaving comments...I'm new to blogging so meeting new friends is always great. Your thoughts and opinions mean a great deal! xo Ann


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