I love Craigslist.  When I’m bored, I will sit on my laptop watching TV and sift through pages of furniture in Los Angeles and also in different cities to see the various items that are for sale.   Deals or not or not here are a couple of things I spotted:  

OMG!  I feel like Rachel Zoe – BANANA’s…love these lamps but not the price tag!  Italian blanc de chine bird lamps from the 1960's selling for $749.00 cash.  If anyone wants to buy me a belated birthday or Christmas gift feel free LOL!

What not to buy. I find some listings hysterical.   Listed as pair or rocking barrel chairs classic vintage.  Word to readers, these are not classic and they are not vintage…they are what not to buy.  While my boyfriend would love these in our house because they are oversized,  swivel and likely recline, you will never see these in our house.

image 2140169775-0

These leather chairs  are listed for $150.00 for the pair are a steal.  I would buy these in a minute if I had room.  I like that they are worn and classic.  They would look great in a library, a reading area, or in a winter home in the mountains.  I picture them with a plaid wool blanket thrown over them.  Love that they are broken in.  Reminds me of something Nate Berkus would have in his house. 

image 2139540445-0

I am looking for a few items. Things currently on my list are a unique low chest of drawers for our front porch entry, a Cal King headboard that I can paint and/or a fabric one, tall lamps, and a few other items.  I love poking around on Craigslist, it’s addicting.  I even have my neighbor and friends doing it.   What are your best finds on craigslist?  My best buy was our slipper chairs in my living room that are still begging to be reupholstered.

Are you a Craigslist shopper?


quintessence said...

Great finds (and not!). I have never gotten the hang of using Craigslist - I know lots of people do. I guess I need to try again because those blanc de chine lamps are to die for!!

Designs By Pinky said...

Love those leather chairs....the barrel chairs....NOT!!!!:) I have never gotten on to Craigs List. Now I think I will check it out!!! XO, Pinky

Peggy and Fritz said...

LOL Girls. Can you believe some of the posts? I was hysterical that someone thought those big old chairs were Vintage and Classic. Just cracks me up the way people describe things. Pinky you need to give it a try it's addicting.

Karen said...


I've used Craigs List to sell things, I love the idea of perusing the list for furnishings, even if there are a few duds like lazy boy recliners! :-)

I may have my new favorite past time.

christi said...

Those chairs are AHmazing. Seriously. I would buy them in a heartbeat but I promised the Mr. that I wouldn't buy anything until after we move in the summer.

I love Craigslist. I'll be honest and tell you that I've never found much on there -- I think I search the wrong way or something. But I started using that Craigeasy thing and that's helped. I know I'll be using it once we move -- we are getting rid of a few things and bringing in some new energy. All in due time!

Show us some of the pieces you've found and what you end up finding!

goodniteirene.wordpress.com said...

craigslist? hmmmm.

bad experience with craigslist.., but maybe need to try it again..

wish there was a happy, medium meeting place.
but then how would one lug a cal-king headboard to a starbucks for a would-be buyer to "look-see", huh?

hmmm. craigslist. really like those lamps.


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