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Parlez-vous Francais?  Oui Oui Mademoiselle, Et Merci Beaucoup.  I had to get the correct spelling from my French speaking friend, Kirsten.  When she speaks, it sounds so beautiful.  I don’t understand a word of it.  I can’t speak a lick of French.  However, lately I’m obsessing over French country homes.  While Italy is my passion and all things Italian, minus a few things which I will keep to myself..I found myself going stir crazy in the rain we’ve been having.  For this reason, I’ve been watching marathons of House Hunters International.  This past weekend there were two or three episodes of Europeans looking for a house in the South of France.  I remember traveling to Paris and just falling in love with the textiles, dishes, etc.   I can only imagine what the south of France looks like.  Here are some images that have me swooning.

I could buy this vineyard for sale for 399,000 Euros.  I can imagine sitting roadside sipping my coffee and chatting with folks passing by…or opening my windows overlooking the vineyards…or sipping wine on the back terrace.  Ok time to wake up.

Imagine pulling up to your house with these beautiful flowers and how could you not love those blue shutters. 

This is an actual cottage from My French Country Home.  Simply darling.  Imagine waking up to that everyday.

A house for rent.  Can you imagine this as your home.  I need to hit lotto.

While I’m out of my shabby chic phase, I do have to admire this quiet elegance with comfortable soft linen fabrics and beautiful cottons.  I do like this for a rustic farm house.  I would replace the white cabinets and armoires with something in a pale blue to add a hint of contrast.I can envision myself gardening and working in my vineyard and then curling up on the the white sofa reading a book sipping tea in the morning and champagne by night.

03SOL TRIML 09100023

26ASOL TRIML 09100057

The photos above and below are where I would entertain my new friends.  Lots of cured meats, champagne, red wine, a crunchy banquette with local cheeses.  I can imagine interesting conversation and learning French with the locals.

29SOL TRIML 09100040

Photo Credits:  All Interior Photos by Gilles Trillard 

This is how I would set the table for the holidays with all vintage glass pieces and dishes that I picked up at the local flea markets.  Informal with a hint of elegance.

Décorations tables de Noël ambiance campagne 1

I love all the monogramming on these vintage linens.  I would do all white bedding with monogrammed euro shams.  Taie d’oreiller

Draps et nappes

Photo Credits Linens:  Campagne-decoration

I can picture myself riding into town on my cute bicycle.  Picture a fresh baguette and cured meats and cheeses in the basket on the way home here.   All the things I need for my dinner party above. I’d pick some field flowers or fresh lavender roadside along the way for the table. bicyclette des années 40

Indulge me.  Officially, it’s a fantasy.  We didn’t win lotto tonight, which means I have to go to work tomorrow.  Ok, back to reality.

What do you think of my house?


Acanthus and Acorn said...

I'll be your new BFF...when do we leave?! IHH is the best show on HGTV. Maybe we should bring my son...he can speak French!

quintessence said...

Ann - totally with you!! ADORE your fantasy trip and purchase!! I'll happily go with you and A&A. And as long as she's bringing her son, I'll bring mine as well - lovely chap and also fluent in French. I'm getting excited already!

Peggy and Fritz said...

Will be a great trip ladies - but as much as I love children this is an all girls trip, your suppose to relax and unwind girls LOL. My girlfriend Kirsten speaks fluent french and if we need additional help, we just find a cute French man! LOL!

Karen said...

I'm booking my flight as I type...well, not really. I say you hit the lottery and put your own French cottage on a lot in the Napa region---much more convenient destination and no passport needed. I've never been to the Provence region of France, only saw Paris one week. I can't imagine how wonderful it is.


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