Restoration Hardware & Eddie Zaratsian

Back in October, I visited the new Restoration Hardware store located in West Hollywood.  I had heard they had created an outdoor venue to showcase their outdoor furniture and created a large signature store for their home furnishings.  I was excited to see the exterior space they had designed and how they incorporated their outdoor furniture and décor.  It did not disappoint.

Below is a sample of some of the group seating arrangements they had displayed.  You are instantly transformed after stepping from the sidewalk through a pair of wrought iron gates.   They’ve done a great job showcasing the various pieces they have by incorporating outdoor lights, fountains, wall art, and beautiful greenery and potted succulents designed by Eddie Zaratsian (more to come on Eddie). The images below are from the Restoration Hardware outdoor collections which can be found online.


I imagine myself with friends sitting at this table below at my future Napa house drinking and sampling wine from our wine tasting day with yummy cheeses and gourmet chocolates.  A girl can dream can’t she?  This zinc covered table is flanked by two wooden outdoor chandeliers with white slip covered (outdoor fabric) chairs.P1040086

A beautiful mix of succulents done by Eddie Zaratsian in a gigantic shell.  I love how versatile this is for indoors or out.2048

Below wall art featuring mirrors mixed with stone sculptures, creeping fig (the plant) and a lovely water fountain complete the look.P1040084

A view from another angle.2047

As you move from the outdoor space to the interior building you enter Eddie Zaratsian Floral Boutique.  All I can say is “OOH LA LA” Gorgeous.  Eddie’s boutique is located within the RH Store.  He did all the outdoor arrangements which, are breathtaking.  His space is so tasteful you can help see why RH has partnered with him and vice versa.  He explained to me that much of his design comes from his travels and experiences around the world.  Most of his designs incorporate natural elements whether it be shells, driftwood, old containers, unusual materials.  He looks to his travels and his experiences as a source of inspiration to create new and ever changing designs.   He has a large celebrity following and his designs and expertise have been utilized by fashion and entertainment industry (Chanel, Oprah Network, Governors Ball).   Not only is his work beautiful but it has an organic fresh feel to it.  It helps too that  he’s soooo nice and funny. This photo below is the main desk.  Look a that box of green – delish.  You must check out his website Eddie Zaratsian to read his bio and view is lovely work.2044

Eddie’s designs has a very organic feel to them – they are truly and extension of nature.P1040094

I am not a succulent person “at all” – I find them cold and unattractive however, the way he puts them together made me fall in love with them. It just goes to show that flowers and plants to a floral designer are like furniture, accessories and art to an interior designer.   It takes the right person to showcase the flowers or plants in a manner that works and is attractive just like  interior design.  

2042 2041


The green looks so pretty in all the metal buckets shelved on reclaimed wood.  So much nicer than plastic white buckets in a glass case. Make sure you scroll to the end to see the lovely bouquet he made for me.2034

After you walk through Eddie Zaratsian's  incredible floral and lifestyle boutique you walk into the large living areas carefully space planned by Restoration Hardware  The store itself  proved challenging to photograph.  It was heavily lit and lacked natural light.   The store is quite large and is on two floors.  They used a lot of vintage pieces as added décor which can be seen in the photo below.P1040111

Lots of over scaled  Roman elements.2037

The display below was in a bathroom on the corner of a counter.  The glass box with the vintage shaving brushes would be a great touch for a man’s bathroom or for the man in your life.  2038


The photo below was one of the more formal areas showcasing living furniture.  RH is definitely following the trends right now with Belgium design but I’m ready for them to mix it up just a little bit.2028

A RH cabinet displayed by vintage sports teams and equipment.  My girlfriend bought this cabinet for her living room to put all her components in it.  She loves it. 2033

Below is a  photo of Eddie and me. While I was walking around RH, he made me and my friend Maureen a beautiful bouquet to take home (the one I’m holding in my hand).  I’m giggling thinking of us taking this picture.  This was the only one the two of us agreed on.  We made my friend take five or six pictures and we kept laughing saying, “Redo!”.  We kept saying, “nope not or that one” or I liked it and he didn’t and vice versa.  It was hilarious.  When and if I  can afford his beautiful works of nature…I will have him on speed dial for pieces for my home or parties.  In the interim, I will share him with all of you and admire his work whenever, I step through the doors of Restoration Hardware.  Make sure if you visit the RH Store in West Hollywood to stop in and see Eddie’s space and tell him Peggy & Fritz sent you.P1040127   P1040130

Restoration Hardware & Eddie Zaratsian  

8772 Beverly Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA90048

NOTE:  For those of you that would like to visit there is metered parking on the street however, depending on the time of day it can prove challenging to find spaces.  Restoration Hardware does provide valet parking.


PHOTO CREDITS:  All Photos Taken By Ann Shumbo @ Peggy & Fritz


Anonymous said...

This is an amazing post filled with great ideas. Eddie is so talented and so are you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I will be heading to my Atlanta store to check out the ideas! Love the outdoor ideas. I will be using some of them on my outdoor space! Great post!

Karen said...

Hi Ann,
What a wonderful tour. The RH at Fashion Island in NB is a lovely store but there isn't any room for an outdoor venue...too bad. I'd seen the outdoor furnishings in their phone book catalog :-) but to see them on the decomposed granite makes them so much more inspiring.
I'll definitely visit Eddie's website. I truly love the direction RH has gone, even though it's not exactly my style...there are so many components that make any home feel inviting and wonderful.
Love the bouquet Eddie made for you and your friend...he must be a very nice man.
Happy Valentine's Day my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann-
I'm putting this place on my list. I love florals and floral shops, and it's such a great idea to combine decor with a flower shop! I love the vintage details in the store mixed with their own pieces.
BTW, my table cloth was a flea mkt find. I'm a sucker for pink and so even though I have many of those tablecloths, if I see a pink one I buy it.
Thanks for commenting. Teri


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