This is EXACTLY how I feel right now.  There is no other way to say it.  Nope, none!  I was working on my blog and lost my original archaic template.  I have wanted to switch over to the Simple Template  however, I haven’t had time to play around with it.  I like my blog very clean and white. Yes, just like my house for those that know me.  Anyone looking at my blog tonight would have seen various graphic patterns and colors that would make your head spin.  I texted my girlfriend about a lattice pattern I posted and this was her reply via text…. “The lattice is busy.  Needs to be smaller or something.” Next text, “Headache”.  Next text, “Feels like NYC rush hour”.

My boyfriend was ready to crucify me because I first asked him to center my logo (moved to the left on the new template and blogger doesn’t let you center it the easy way) and then I wanted to change the color on the sides to a pattern another nightmare.  Unfortunately, you can’t just upload it or center it so you need to know HTML.   I must have emailed Megan at Beach Bungalow 8 a million times asking her for help looking for short cuts while the boyfriend was cursing me out under his breath as I asked him 50 million questions.  He told me if I was a client he would have quit by now LOL!Pinned Image

Since I have to rescale everything for this new template,  I will be experimenting with colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc. so bare with me.  Definitely give me your input  – I tried this graphic in multiple sizes and colors (the side border).  We all agreed the blue and white looked best but now I’m not sure if I like the white on blue that is on here or if I like the white with blue you haven’t seen.  Don’t forget I can make it larger or smaller.   OMG!  I’m my own worst nightmare.  Stay tuned while I experiment.  In the interim, I’m going to loose my mind.  All the more reason why white is so clean and simple and always classy.  Now I have to go bug Laura about my logo – are you reading this Laura M. in CT????Pinned ImageHope your evening wasn’t as hair raising as mine!  I think all this stress calls for a glass of wine!

PHOTO CREDIT:  Image 1:  Via Pinterest via Hooked On Houses, Image 2: Via Daphne at Pinterest


Anonymous said...

I love the color and pattern of the backdrop layer. I know, it's so frustrating doing some of this techie stuff. I'm constantly wanting to change and rearrange my blog page. I have to learn patience and I want everything done now! I'm sure with your style knowledge, yours will be perfect in the end. Teri

Peggy and Fritz said...

Thanks Terry. I'm laughing because I was getting frustrated because blogger no longer lets you change your post title color (you can but it's tied to other things that i don't want to change) and everytime I look at the post I go crazy. I've tried to link it to my domain Peggyandfritz.com but it's not showing up. I just need to get back to blogging and maintain patience on design which anyone that knows me know's I have none! I love your multi color logo.

Karen said...

Hi Ann,
I feel your pain, but truthfully, my son (who works long hard hours set mine up) and before you say, "oh yeah, great, like you would know!" realize that with his doing the design and layout for me, I don't feel comfortable asking him for new pictures that should go on the side bar showing my home. Nor do I like to bug him too much in general, so I think I'd rather have some frustration and have control, then to grin and bear the current design
Also, what if you switch to Wordpress? I have Wordpress and several bloggers I read have said it's easy to change design.
Good luck. I like the side colors but it does seem a bit busy to me.

katie said...

wordpress is much easier....i agree.
i like the new fonts.
i am a bitch for fonts....

i just like that you're blogging more regularly...
you could put dirt up as a template, and i'd be a happy girl.


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