Small Town Designers with a Big City Designs

Who knew we had so much talent bottled up in one little town.  I met Ann Lightfoot while chatting the girls from Frock (yesterday's post).   They told me I really should go down and check out her jewelry.  I so was smitten with the two chunky necklaces she was wearing, I had to see for myself.  Her jewelry was being displayed at the Lori Warner Studio/Gallery which is host to a number artists and designers featuring jewelry, handbags, textiles, and art. Here’s a brief bio on Ann courtesy of www.loriwarner.com:

“Ann Lightfoot's simple yet elegant jewelry designs are inspired by the natural materials she works with. "The color, cut and shape of a stone dictates each design," says Ann, who creates each of her unique pieces by hand, using precious and semi-precious stones and the finest linen, silk or sterling silver.

Ann's jewelry also reflects her interest in other cultures. After graduating from Harvard College, where she earned a degree in History and Literature, Ann ran a teaching program in Bangkok, Thailand. She has also worked with Cambodian refugees in Thailand, for a non-profit organization in Paris and for a French cosmetics company in New York. Ann's first jewelry designs were created out of jade medallions and vintage glass stones found in a Shanghai antique market, and she continues to use fine Asian, South American and African beads and pendants in her designs.”

Her work has been featured and exhibited at museums and art galleries and as well as major publications such as Lucky Magazine and Bon Appétit.  You can see below some samples of her designs. She has everything from dainty and simple to chunky and exotic.   They’re simple stunning and have a very organic quality to them.  You feel like you are wearing a piece of the earth.  No further explanation is needed by me, her pieces speak for themselves.

Handmade Collar of Sterling Rings and Moonstone on Silk

Fan of Natural Agate Slices on Billowy Silk


I tried the one below on and it was stunning.

I wanted the one to the far left (see below) but it was a little out of my budge.  They look great layered. 

She has a range colors. She has a lot of neutrals, pinks, and here are some of the soft blues featured below:

Her jewelry is being featured in DKNY in London and South Coast Plaza in Orange County.

To top it all off, while I was in viewing Ann’s pieces, I saw this tall brunette who looked familiar.  I haven’t been home in so long (keep in mind everyone knows everyone where I grew up) that I was blanking out on her name. I took a gamble and said, “Jackie?” She said, “Yes.”  I said, “It’s Ann Shumbo.”  We had an OMG, I haven’t seen you in years moment and then a chuckle. We both went to high school together, were cheerleaders, and haven’t seen each other since college.  Come to find out Jackie was living in Maui for a number of years and started making handbags (see below) and had made her way back to the East Coast after meeting her hubby. Little did I know, her bags have been featured in many small boutiques including Fred Segal.  A major score for a designer.  How cute are these bags?  Check out her adorable bags which you can see at Jacqueline Kangley's website.

Imagine a girls luncheon or night out on the town!

The perfect little black dress handbag.


Well it seems these designers know where Chester, CT is ~ they know an “IT” place when they see one!



Lori Warner Studio/ Gallery is located at:

21 Main Street, Chester, CT  USA  06412  -  MAP

Phone:  860-322-4265


All photos credits are from www.loriwarner.com and Ann’s Face book page where you can see more of Ann’s jewelry designs and Jacqueline Kangley’s handbags.


Stacey said...

Wow! These are really beautiful and well crafted pieces! Thanks for sharing! XX

La Boheme said...

Thank you for sharing! I love jewelry and handbags, even more so when they have such a great story! happy Thursday, xoxo


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