Happy Mothers Day!

First, let me say, I’m laughing so hard because my mother is not going to be happy with me for posting this!  While visiting home last weekend, my mom who recently turned 70, (she’s still a spring chicken) had planned on taking me tag saling (slang for tag sales), Saturday morning.  We had set out early, with anticipation of what good bargains we would find.  Tag sales are just not the same in LA.  We got to our first multi-family sale, which was situated at the top a hill and began poking around. I turned my head to call my mom’s attention, when unexpectedly, I see her at the bottom of the hill being helped up by two men.  Come to find out, she was walking back to the car (down the hill) to grab her coat and slide on patch of mud causing her to loose her balance.  She had fallen backwards into the mud.  It was that moment of “OMG! Is she ok?”, followed by laughter.  She was covered in mud, head to toe.


Well!  That put a screeching halt on our morning tag sales.  The owner of the house, graciously gave us a blanket for the car so we could cover the seat.  We  headed home so she could take a quick shower and change clothes.  I did manage to capture this picture when she got out of the car, right before she went in the house.  Unfortunately, most of the mud had come off on the blanket but, you get the idea.    We were joking later about all the mud and I was like, “Dam! I wish I got a shot of the two guys picking you up!”  We started laughing again, saying I wouldn’t have looked like a very sympathetic daughter.  

As I was sitting here, I was like what could a sweet daughter, like me, do to honor my mom, for Mother’s Day?   I was in the process of putting together my blog posts of my visit and ran across this picture.  I started laughing so hard and thought this is a perfect.  So perfect, that she will likely kill me!  You have to know my mom, she was always full of surprises when we were kids, especially in high school.  My best friend,  Sue and I would celebrate our birthday’s (we were a day a part) by having lunch at Oliver’s Tavern.  My mom would always embarrass us by making an appearance with her friend Barbara (at the end of our lunch) and sing happy birthday (she can’t carry a tune) while holding a cake or if she wasn’t present..she would make sure a cake was left at the restaurant and have the entire wait staff surprise us by singing.   Each year when we thought we were safe, a cake and someone singing magically appeared.  I know my mom loves surprises, and it’s payback time.  Right back at you mom!

Now some daughter mother advice….Remember to watch where your walking and always look down!   Happy Mother Day Marie Baby!

To All My Readers who are moms, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!


quintessence said...

Oh dear - glad she's ok. I'm sure she won't be thrilled with this shot but as a (considerate) trickster, I'm sure she'll appreciate the thought!!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

This is so funny and mean! I'm glad she is ok. That totally sounds like something that would happen to my Mom.

Peggy and Fritz said...

I was talking to her this morning and she was like I'm so glad your blogging again. I said how did you know. She's like it just comes to me. I said did you sign up for it. She's like I don't know. LOL! Apparently, she's working today and hasn't seen today's post just yet. My phone will be ringing when she does. LOL! Yes, she was ok everyone :) He foot was a little sore but all is good!

Nick said...

That is the funniest picture ever! I can only imagine your face when you turned around and saw your mom! Poor, Marie, but what a great story! xoxo


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