Table Setting for Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving!  Blake and I typically don’t go home for Thanksgiving and usually host our friends and/or people that can’t get home to their families.  This is the first year that our gathering will be on the smaller side, just four of us.  We have two of our friends coming over (normally we have anywhere from eight to twelve people) and I’m looking forward to a more intimate dinner. I’m so excited because it afforded me to be a little more extravagant and creative on my table setting.  The last few evenings, I shined the silverware, ironed the napkins, washed the plates and got everything ready so that tomorrow won’t be so stressful.  I found these great plates on sale at Sur La Table.  They had a green acorn print on them and I thought it would be a little different than the traditional orange, yellow, and burgundy. I used mason jars (it took me five stores to find them) with mixed filler from the grocery store (they matched my plates perfectly) and made my own bouquets. For the tablecloth, I went to Joanne’s Fabrics and bought several yards of burlap and put it over a table cloth to give the table a more rustic feel.  I got this great idea for the mixed nuts from a regular blogger I read and I’m having a brain fart right now and can’t remember where I just read it…PLEASE! forgive me?  Post to my blog so I can credit you. I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving with your friends and families. I’m thankful for all my new friends and bloggers I have met.  Your all so talented and inspiring!   See below what I cooked up for the table for tomorrow. I’ll post on Friday what we had for din din!   P1020803

P1020806   P1020793



 P1020809 P1020794



Table Setting Items

Tablecloth:  Burlap Fabric from Joanne’s Fabric Store

Mixed Nuts: Von’s Grocery Store

Vases:  Mason Jars from Michaels

Flowers: Filler from Von’s bought separately and made my own bouquet

Acorn Plates:  Sur La Table

Leaf Plates: Pottery Barn

Green Glasses:  Home Goods

Chargers:  Borrowed from my friend Nick (believe she got them at Cost Plus)

Silverware:  Mikasa

French White Steak Knives:  Home Goods



What are you thankful for?


beachbungalow8 said...

beautiful. I would expect nothing less.
happy T*Day to you both

Peggy and Fritz said...

Thanks Megan. I was Napa inspired :) Hope you and Nick have a fab time in SFO. xo

Anonymous said...

Harvest Tableau
Long Table 'n Beckoning Chairs. Natural,Fragrant Evergreens.
Wild Fresh Nuts.. Flowing.. Free.
Proud Native & Euro-Am Faces Smiling Over Up-Centuried Plimouth
Wampanaug. English. Polish.
All, Unite & Celebrate.

goodniteirene.wordpress.com said...

major table envy. so glad to see my peggy& fritz postings in my inbox again.
happy thanksgiving ann.

Karen said...

What a beautiful table! I love the greens and the plates are fantastic. I bought one of those plates to use for appetizer because I thought the colors and acorns were wonderful.
Sometimes a smaller, more intimate dinner is so rewarding. I know you will have a wonderful day with your friends and family.

Thank you for sharing such inspiration for living each post.
I'm thankful for family, friends and my first grand baby due to arrive any day.


Acanthus and Acorn said...

It was me...with the nuts! But I must say I am crazy over your beautiful table!!! I will be saving it for my inspiration next year!

Peggy and Fritz said...

Ah....Rebecca thanks so much for posting. I was having a memory lapse at the time and wanted to properly credit you since I loved the idea and was at Vons and saw the bag of nuts...and couldn't find a runner I liked so I completely thought of your blog post. Thanks so much for the blog post and the fabulous idea!!!


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