EBay Finds Part II

EBay is like a big tag sale online.  Sometimes the things I love (furniture) are located out of state and the shipping charges make the purchase too cost prohibitive.  Instead, I envy the person that lives close by that can pick it up (especially all the Florida people).  It doesn’t stop me from thinking of what I would do with it or how I would fix it up.  Unless you have a good imagination, it might be hard to visualize these pieces in a space.  Trust me…with a little bit of paint and a whole lot of love (and some accessorizing) any one of these would make a great addition to any space.

I love the idea of this Lucite Shelf as a bar.  Imagine the top with a vintage tray with various types of bottles, your barware, and glasses.  I would add coffee tables below with a few decorative items.  Love this.

If I bought this chandelier, I would paint it a bright color and/or white.  I have a similar one in my garage that I bought at a flea market in green (it’s a lot larger).

While I do like this in a dark blue, I would love this headboard reupholstered in a tan Belgium linen.  It has great lines and is classic in design.

If I had play money right now, I would bid on these two mid-century Meissen vases. I find the design quite interesting.

This bamboo tray is perfect for putting perfume bottles or something decorative in a bathroom or on a coffee table.

I want these bamboo chairs.  What a great deal.  These would look great with a cool patterned fabric.  Perfect for my beach house.

Do you see theme with all this bamboo?  The yellow would look great, but I would likely change the color.  These would look great in any space.  Use them as nesting tables or sprinkle them around the house as different side tables.

This bed would look fabulous painted a turquoise or a classic white or black.  Love the circles on the top.

Murano Lamp

Can you see the potential?  My boyfriend cannot visualize and just thinks I’m adding more “crap” to the garage.  LOL!


The Simply Luxurious Life said...

Loving that headboard - you are right, so much potential. Great find. :)

Anonymous said...

I love EBay. would never know what to search for to find these things but that is why we have you oh guru of shopping!

Peggy and Fritz said...

I use different key works for searching. For these items they typically come up under Hollywood Regency. Not that some of the pieces are but a lot of people put them under it because of Kelly Wearstler the designer. For tall lamps (I like over 30 inches) they usually show up under this period or I use Murano lamps as the keywords. Once you find some of the items you like -I tend to see if there is a common word people use for posting or if I like something I get the specific designer name for it (like for the glasses) so I can refine my search. Hope that helps!

Karen said...

Love the chandelier---even in its rusty state. You find good stuff.

Yeah, hubby has no vision either---I sometimes find a magazine pic of what I'm wanting to achieve with the "treasure" I've wagged home to help him understand. Men! LOL

designstiles said...

Oh wow, great finds. Not junk at all.


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