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Sorry I’ve been dormant lately.  I’ve been traveling a lot and busy with work and have had a lot going on. Hope you’re all great and getting ready for Thanksgiving.  Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time futzing around on EBay  I can spend hours searching for various things.  I’m always combing EBay for vintage glassware for entertaining, art, decorative pottery, etc.  Lately, I’ve been obsessing on blue glassware and anything in little carry cases.  Here are some things I think are great:

I love the color combination of this vintage pitcher and ice tea glasses.  They also have someone else selling three more of these glasses.

I love hobnail juice glasses for summer picnics or outdoor gatherings.  Serve wine or water in them.

Jeanette Blue Jasperware Glasses

 Vintage Wedgewood Glasses

How cute would these Colony Glasses and Carafe be for my dream house in Napa?

These Libby glasses in a vintage holder would look great on a bar.

Stay tuned for some of my other EBay favorites.  What do you like to shop for on EBay?  What’s the best deal you ever got?



Karen said...

Glad you're back---bummer when work interferes with fun!
I love searching eBay for just about anything...my latest has been Charter Oak silver plate flatwear (I first saw it on French Kissed site). Love the hobnail glasses and you are right the Libby glasses would be so fun in your dream home.
Have a great weekend,

Peggy and Fritz said...

Thnaks Karen! I love French Kissed! I will have to look the Charter Oak up. I wanted to do that hotel look for silverware. If I see any, I'll email it your way :) Have a great weekend.


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