Tea Carts are Back in Style

It’s been a crazy month for work and I’m just getting back into the blog world.  I’ve been looking on Craigs List and EBay for a tea cart ever since I saw a fabulous tea cart that Eddie Ross found at a flea market.  He uses it for both decorative items and entertaining (glasses and liqueurs).   I love the concept and have since been looking for a gold one that I could use.  I found this gorgeous, gold colored bamboo one (see below) on Etsy under ReModFurnishings.  It’s listed for $395.00, which is not currently in my budget.  I have already used this tea cart a million different ways in my head.  However, if you purchase it PLEASE take a picture of how you used it and send it to me so I can drool over it.  I will be green with envy!


 Hollywood Regency - Faux Bamboo Aluminum Drink Cart

Hollywood Regency - Faux Bamboo Aluminum Drink Cart

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