Long Beach Flea Market

I love going to flea markets.  In the past, I had to look at everything and it would take me hours to get through the flea market.   Now, I whisk through in search of whatever item is on my current agenda.  This week it’s a tea cart and art.  I had a friend in town who loves antiquing and flea markets and wanted to check out the Long Beach Flea Market.  We both brought our cameras and snapped away.  There were some great vendors and here’s a little of what we saw and purchased.

This hanger brought back so many memories as a kid when I saw this.  It reminded me of my great grandmother.  As a kid, I would help her do laundry on an old fashioned washing machine (the kind from the 40’s).  I thought it was so cool because you could see the clothes washing (it was open) and then I got to help push them through the top of the machine which squeezed the garments and ring them out.  She had one of these hanging dryers and would clip her undergarments to it and let them dry. P1000840

Angels are everywhere, but there was something about this sitting on a wicker chair.  Had to photograph it.P1000842We loved this oversized black phone next to the regular sized one – It felt like a scene from BIG.P1000841  Hundreds of matches in a big bin.P1000844 He just made me giggle.  P1000846

P1000847 My girlfriend took these pictures and I was like why didn’t you tell me there were beakers ~ she said they were selling them for $20.00 a piece.  I know you can find them for less at other flea markets and on Ebay so I didn’t feel so bad.

Last 3 Months - 328

I loved these silver trays below and how the vendor had them displayed in drawers.  Silver trays and teapots are great.  I collect sliver tea pots and have them in a grouping on my fireplace.  I actually got the idea from my Aunt Pat.  I put tulips in them, hydrangeas, etc.  I love the silver platters for a multitude of things:  entertaining, jewelry, in the bathroom with soaps, perfumes, and accessories, etc.  There are so many creative uses for these.


These butter spreaders looked so pretty in a group on the silver tray.  Just goes to show when you group similar items, it doesn’t matter what it is, it looks good.

P1000848We loved how this one pair of booties with the pink laces stood out in this picture.P1000849 When I saw this, I immediately thought Eddie Ross (see below).  P1000850Nicole and I thought this looked beautiful – the vintage pearls with the key and pendant hanging on a framed chalkboard.P1000851Creative marketing using scrabble pieces.Last 3 Months - 363There was something about these vintage shoes paired with these tubs and pails – maybe Cinderella is taking a break.Last 3 Months - 321  These baskets are so versatile.  There are so many things you could do with them:  use as recycling baskets, toys in a kids room, vegetables in a kitchen, towels in the bathroom, etc.P1000853


We were cracking up,  the watch vendor was not a happy man and did not want her taking a picture of his watches or booth.  She had to sneak this one in…  think he didn’t have any coffee that morning.  Last 3 Months - 318

I thought how great it would be if you could find your street name.  I also like them in groups, pairs or by themselves.  There are so many creative things you could do with these signsLast 3 Months - 361. Last 3 Months - 344

  I thought these antique yarn spools would look amazing grouped together on a shelf or to add an element of design somewhere using shapes and textures.       

Last 3 Months - 346

You can’t really tell in this picture but the legs on this table and chairs are chrome with a bamboo pattern.   This table would look fabulous in any style home paired with fabric or antique chairs.  It was a great piece.Last 3 Months - 345

My girlfriend loved this crown made from a measuring stick.      Last 3 Months - 331

I’ve been fascinated with maps and globes since I was a kid.   They make great accessories in a home in large groupings on an armoire, a bookshelf, or a credenza type table.  A single one always works in a home office or a kids room.Last 3 Months - 333

Now to the purchases of the day.  I found what I was looking for YEAH!!!  I bought this painting below for $8.00 of a pink lady.  It was so cheap, I had to buy it and didn’t even have to bargain.  The guys said it was from an estate sale in Beverly Hills (so he says).  She will be added to my portrait collection.  She reminds me of springtime and pink peonies.


My other purchase was an antique map of California for $5.00 (normally they sell for $100.00). This was a bargain.  I bought a Boston one and an Italy one last year in Santa Monica and paid $150.00 for both.


Last but not least my tea cart for $15.00.  The cart was the major score, it’s made of wood with a bamboo pattern, like the brass one I posted.  The difference is this was $20.00 and not $300.00.  Granted the one on craigslist was much nicer but I’m in budget mode, so a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.   We happened to spot it when we first walked in but it was as a little wobbly so we decided to walk around.  I kept thinking about it and we decided to stop by before we left and see if it was still there.  The vendor who was nowhere to be found and while we waited and waited, we agreed if she didn’t take $15.00, I wasn’t buying it.  She came back and accepted my offer.    Ms. Madeline was a trouper and wheeled it to the car for us.  We told her she had to be careful of potholes because we were afraid it would fall apart.  Last 3 Months - 353 We used it that night for our picnic all chipped and everything.  Of course, my boyfriend looks at this cart like another piece of junk.  He thinks I will get bored of it and it will end of in the garage.   Little does he know, this baby it getting painted and he’s fixing it this weekend.

Stay turned for before and after pictures. P1000856


eddieross said...

I am in love with that cart!!!! 20 bucks what a score!!!

Peggy and Fritz said...

$15.00 - even better LOL!


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