Restaurant Design in Roswell, GA

Last year, I was visiting my friend Laura in Roswell, GA.   Laura and I went to college together in Boston and a number of years ago relocated to Atlanta (as I continue to blog you will learn all about my friends).  Every year her husband goes on a “guys golf trip” and we usually do a “girls weekend”, which, I need to mention includes her three young children (I know you were thinking ladies lunches, spa days, etc. – ah NO!).  Instead, it typically means hanging out at the house and visiting with her neighbors and local friends with pizza and the kids.  We always have a good time.  Usually, at night we sit on her back porch (which I love) and catch up on everything (me with my wine and Laura with her Ultra Lites). We’re always saying we’re going to bed early and then a few drinks later, we’re still chatting and next thing you know it’s 1 AM. 

During my visits, she usually gets a baby sitter for one night, and we make it our “big night out”.  One year we went out in HOT Atlanta, to a trendy restaurant that she was dying to try (she never gets to go living in the burbs) and then some club she had heard about (you know your old when you pull up to a club in a mini van).  We took one look around, had a couple of drinks and we were out of there faster than you can say mini van (btw is very comfortable).   Nowadays, we typically stick around her “Peyton Place” town, which has a charming downtown with quaint local eateries, that, I so enjoy.  Our favorite is Pasties.  Last year, Laura had heard about this new restaurant formally, a steak restaurant (I think).  She told me the original decor was all dark wood, dark lighting, and a complete contrast to what it is today.  She thought I would love it.

You would never guess pulling up to this strip mall, that, it would host such a beautiful restaurant.  The outside was non-descript with outdoor tables but, the minute we stepped inside, I felt like I was in LA (in terms of hip and stylish).  If I could live in a restaurant, this would be it.  The restaurant was done in all white, vintage linens, capiz shell chandeliers, etc.  It was love at first site.  The owner and designer was a lovely French woman, I had the privilege to meet, while, I was in the restaurant.  I told her, I was so inspired by her restaurant.  It screamed ~ sip champagne and indulge.  We decided to sit in the bar vs. the restaurant because we loved the look of this large table that was placed in the center of the room with high bar stools.  It was community seating.   What I loved about the bar area is it had a standard bar with various seating vignettes, which, offered privacy if you were with a friend or on a date.  There we’re two wing chairs in front of the fireplace made of leather with linen pillows on it.  If we weren’t eating it would have been the perfect people watching spot.  Over our long table, were a series of capiz shell chandeliers giving off a beautiful illumination creating a breathtaking ambiance.

The restaurant concept itself, reminded me of a design project I did in school.  One of my commercial projects was an all white restaurant.  I remember getting a 4.0 for the space planning and design by an instructor (who was an architect).  He told me that it would be a beautiful restaurant and I should use the plans should I ever design in the commercial market.  However, his main critique was my color scheme.  I know your all guessing right?  HMM!  I wonder what it could be?  AH!  Yes, white!  He did not think it was practical. What does an architect know, right?  Sorry don’t want to offend anyone.  He doesn’t do design.  Hence, as a looked around this restaurant, I knew my gut had been correct.  It can be done and look fantastic.  It’s all in using the right materials.

The restaurant had an L shape space plan.  The main entry was a separate room with arched doors on both sides.  One arch leading to the bar and side room and the the other to the main dining area and private rooms. The main dining area was open and spacious with fabric chandeliers throughout the room.  The dining area continued around the corner with more seating and individual rooms for private parties and social engagements.  The private rooms offered banquette seating and leather walls, tufted, (vinyl, I think) in stark white with it’s own chandelier over the table.  If this was LA – this is where all the celebrities would sit and everyone would be peeking around the corner to see “who’s who” in the rooms.  The rooms were delicious!  To the left of the bar, was “The Side Room”,(looked like an indoor porch), which was mixed with old and new materials.  The exterior of the room had banquette seating as well, with long linen pillows from Europe made from old vintage linens.  It had a mix of vintage and new clean lined tables.  The pillows made me want to curl up with a book on a rainy day. It was romantically lit and a perfect place to have a party or an intimate gathering. It was the perfect place to catch up with a friend. The food and champagne was delicious and I will definitely be back.  Next time, I want to sit in the wing chairs and people watch. 

 Aug 08 FL and Ann visit 064

Main Entry when you walk in – was hard to capture on camera.

 Aug 08 FL and Ann visit 065

I loved this lamp – it looked like coral sitting on the table by the hostess.

Aug 08 FL and Ann visit 047

Laura and I sitting in the bar – the table was in the middle of the bar area, which, ran the entire length of the bar.

 Aug 08 FL and Ann visit 048

The table in the bar area with the capiz shell light fixtures over head with the arch doorways into the entry way.

 Aug 08 FL and Ann visit 049

One of the two leather wing chairs in front of the fire place with a vintage linen pillow.

 Aug 08 FL and Ann visit 050

The capiz shell chandelier over the bar.

Aug 08 FL and Ann visit 057

The room off the bar to the left.  Banquette seats with beautiful vintage lines pillows that are becoming so popular now.

 Aug 08 FL and Ann visit 053

This side room right off the bar had a these beautiful capiz shell chandeliers sprinkled throughout. 

Aug 08 FL and Ann visit 054

Capiz chandelier up close.

Aug 08 FL and Ann visit 055

Vignette seating sprinkled throughout the bar – antique covered chairs in velvet and linen with a rustic table.

  Aug 08 FL and Ann visit 058

The banquette that went around the entire room.  Loved this corner nook with the antique table. I just want to take a nap here on a rainy day.

Aug 08 FL and Ann visit 059

Beautiful blue vases popped again the warm whites on the table (I’m almost positive they are West Elm).

Aug 08 FL and Ann visit 060

Laura sitting at the long table – I love the wine cubbies in the background. 

Aug 08 FL and Ann visit 061

The arches which were located throughout the restaurant transitioned you from one room to another.

 Aug 08 FL and Ann visit 062

Me and Laura checking out the private rooms.  They were sexy!

Aug 08 FL and Ann visit 063

The main dining area.



If Visiting Roswell, GA be sure to stop by Bistro VG and tell them Peggy & Fritz sent you.

ADDRESS:   Bistro VG - 70 West Crossville Road - Roswell, GA  30075 - Phone:  (770) 993-1156


jane said...

Amazing design!! Casamodern provides the finest quality customized Seating & Bar stools for your home, hotel and restaurant.

Anonymous said...

I just love the decor! How beautiful and that girl looks familiar! I want to copy the lighting. Looks like a very fun night!

Anonymous said...

Looks so relaxing, wish I could have a glass of champagne there or a beer, haha


Julie @ Chapman Interiors said...

SOOOO Cute!! I love those gray leather wingbacks and the private room (that wall looks incredible!) The cloud art in the main dining room looks great too.. (and I'd say I'm not normally a cloud-art kinda girl)
Thanks for the inspiration!



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