Flea Market Finds

I went to the Long Beach Flea Market on Sunday.  I was so excited, it was Ginger’s birthday, and thought it would be great for her to get a nice long walk in and spend her morning sniffing everything.  I’ve never brought her to the flea market and didn’t you weren’t allowed to bring your dog, unless, the dog is carried. PLEASE!  I did not bring my carry bag, it was warm, and for the first time in the  history of flea market shopping, I couldn’t find the person selling the flea market carts. I thought, I would buy a cart and some fabric – put it down on the bottom and I can wheel Ginger around.  She’ll have a blast people watching and I can take my time. However, the cart guy was nowhere to be found.

I was excited to see there were a bunch of new vendors and I really wanted to share with you my new finds.  However, a dog in one arm and a painting in the other didn’t make for easy photo taking.   My arms were getting tired from carrying Ginger, so I raced through the front vendors just searching for portraits. I did manage to score a bargain in my frantic search!  A lady was selling a bunch of portraits all for $10.00.  Three women were scouring through the paintings snatching up all the good ones, just as arrived. I was in flea market envy!  I did manage to find this lady for $10.00.  I guess they were all done by students.  I got home and showed it to my friend Nick and her Aunt Cyndi who was visiting.  Aunt Cyndi immediately named her Emily Rose. I love a bargain and if those ladies weren’t there snatching up all the paintings, I would’ve  had 4 or 5 more (do I sound bitter?).  Let me introduce you to my new portrait, Miss Emily Rose.


Emily Rose1

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