Fall Table Setting

Every fall, I buy gourds and usually sprinkle them on my dining room table with seasonal fresh flowers.  This year with funds being tighter than normal buying fresh flowers weekly is not in the budget.  Therefore, I had to improvise.  I was at Trader Joes and saw these rosemary topiaries.  I loved the shape and the way herbs look inside the home. For $7.99 (even if they last a month) – that’s $7.99 divided by 4 comes out to just under $2.00 a week.  Where can you by a bouquet of flowers for that?  I wanted olive trees but our local nursery doesn’t get them in until Christmas time.  The rosemary looks great and feels festive.  I’m still looking for something rustic to put them in or use to burlap and tie them with raffia or twine.  For under $20.00 you can buy some gourds and fresh herbs and dress up your dining room table to give it a little fall feeling.  Living in LA where it can be 80’ we have to pretend it’s the holiday season.






Photo Credits:  All photos taken by me.



rhonda pogo said...

very sheek (did I spell that right??

Ann said...

Rhonda - LOL you were the brain in school LOL! Chic dear! Your hilarious thanks for posting :)

Anonymous said...

I have gourds piled up in the center of my table in a big huge clear vase. I plan on spray painting them silver for Christmas time.

Ann said...

What a great idea! I might have to steal that from you. Silver would be perfect with my tree and allow me to squeeze another holiday out of them. Now you got me thinking if I kill my Rosemary Topiaries maybe I will spray those silver as well. Thanks for the idea!


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