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Everyone is jumping on the wedding bandwagon. J Crew has opened a new wedding flagship store in New York and now Anthropologie  is  launching their new BHLDN collection of wedding dresses, gowns, shoes, and jewelry. In true Anthropologie style, the photos are beautifully done and look very elegant.  Unfortunately, the styles don’t fit my body style. I’m more a Carolyn Bissette Kennedy dress girl.  I was just surprised at the price points.  Take a look for yourself at some of the dresses they are offering.  What’s your take?  I feel like everyone is copying J Crew, the best form of flattery I guess.

The collection below:


To view Anthropologie's new BHLDN Collection click here.   It’s very dreamy to scroll through the pictures.  What are your thoughts on the new collection?

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Karen said...


Okay, as a "slightly" older than 40 something, even I get the Anthropologie happenin' style, but seriously, the clothing I've purchased for my daughter in law, who loves Anthropologie has been relatively poorly constructed and carries a pretty high price tag. I've talked to other friends who have adult daughters and daughters-in-law and they say the clothing doesn't hold up.

Same D-I-L bought her wedding gown from J. Crew and the appeal was that it was lovely and didn't cost enough to buy a really nice weekend in the country of your choice. I'm with you...it seems the Anthropologie price points are a little high...great designs but pretty pricey.

Great post and good timing...June weddings on the horizon.


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