Why I Live in California

There is something to be said about simplicity.  One of the things that I never grow tired of living in L.A. is California sunsets.  They are at their peak (color wise) in the fall and winter.   They’re unlike anything I have seen before, with the exception of a few places, I have traveled in the world.  After 15 years of living in the South Bay, nothing makes me smile more, gasp more, and stand in “awe of”, than a California sunset. I used to date a guy who would call me on his way home from work and say, “Look at the sunset, isn’t it beautiful?” It was such simple words but it always made me smile.  It was a friendly reminder to relish in the moment and enjoy the beautiful gift mother nature has bestowed upon us.   Among all the stress, work, and holiday craziness we all feel this time of year, it would be my gift to you to pass on those same words.  Whether it’s a sunset in L.A. or a sunrise on the East Coast ~ my hope for you is that you take a moment and pause…I promise it will bring you joy and peace. 

Tonight the sky looked like sheer fabric flowing in the sky. Left me speechless. 


 P1020942 P1020949  P1020950

This lamp post always gets in the way of my photos.  URRR!

  It’s right at the bottom of our street and it never fails to screw up my sunset photos.  But the sky looks amazing. P1020939

Here are some others from the last few weeks and our time living on 8th Street.

P1020779 P1000023 P1000040

A friend of ours took these of the Manhattan Beach Pier a few weeks ago.  Simply Stunning.

{Jameson Stafford}

{Jameson Stafford}

{Jameson Stafford}

Tonight's sunset of the Manhattan Beach Pier.  Every year they light the pier with Christmas lights and decorate it the end like a Christmas tree. The second Sunday of every December they do a huge fireworks display over the pier (just like Fourth of July back East).  I’m thinking of doing a little open house with champagne and hoerdearves. 


Pause, Be Still, and Enjoy the Moment!


mydesignchic said...

These images are gorgeous...can see why you love it so much!!

Peggy and Fritz said...

Thank you so much MyDesignChic. Also, thanks to all my close friends who are blog clueless and always post on Facebook. Thanks for supporting me. I love you all.

Karen said...

This is timely---I can feel the pressure of the holidays building and to pause and absorb the beauty of a sunset is just what the sanity doctor ordered.



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