Be Nice and Pass it On

Photo via Grey Umbrella  art done by  by http://www.anthonyburrill.com/

I ran across this old  post by Grey Umbrella  as I was catching up on ones I still needed to read.  I  had to share it.   I don’t delete them until I have read the entire post. She posted this photo on her blog with the subject “Be Nice”.  I have been in the holiday spirit and thought hmmm…shouldn’t we all be nice? I have a number of pet peeves, which anyone that knows me can attest too, and one of them is when people are not nice.  I believe in being nice in all aspects of your life from the people who serve you, to your friends and in your occupation.  Being nice also means being authentic.  It means saying thank you when someone did a good job, it means helping someone in need, it means saying, “How are you?” and really meaning it.

Professionally being nice can be a bit more challenging, that’s why I love this poster.  Everyone should have one in their office.  It’s just a friendly reminder that when we’re nice to each other, our customers, and our vendors (in my case), we catch more bees with honey.  No one likes working with “Debbie Downer”.  We all have worked with one, at one time or another. The  New York Times just published this fabulous article about the workplace and how the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  It’s a must read for all business people, no matter what your profession.

When you are truly nice, you feel better on the inside.  When you smile and say hello and mean it, people feel it. One thing I notice in the city where I live, is if you walk down the sidewalk and your the only two people on the sidewalk…very few people say hello, good morning, good afternoon, etc.  In Boston and where I grew up, it was commonplace.  So I experimented one day and every person I passed on the street (where we were the only ones) I said, “Good Morning!”  Some people smiled, some looked at me like I was crazy, some said, “Good Morning” back and some just kept walking with their grumpy face. For the most part, people were receptive and you could see their energy shift.  It made me smile!

It is the holiday season and being nice is infectious. It’s one of the most wonderful gifts you can give yourself and others.  You’d be surprised what you get in return.


Anonymous said...

My motto and it is hanging in my entrance way is Be nice or leave!
and i mean it!

Karen said...


I was just thinking about this very topic. As we're bombarded on TV with political discourse between parties and lack of civility being the norm in some instances I believe our only tool for combating mean/grouchy people is to smile and be nice! I agree with you, sometimes it catches people off-guard but the satisfaction I get from being nice day-in and day-out makes it worthwhile.

Something I read years ago sticks with me when being nice doesn't get a similar response..."A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort" ~Herm Albright

Peggy and Fritz said...

Anonymous great sign. I need one of those. Karen thanks for the comment...love that quote.

Acanthus and Acorn said...

A very good reminder...especially this time of year...where there is an ass lurking in every store!

I always wonder why there are people who are regularly rude, it's so much easier just to be polite!

Anonymous said...

I love that poster: WORK HARD
Be Nice
to People.

I'm going to have my students from around the world...make them for their teachers' Holiday Presents-in two languages, or more, of course!

Thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays!


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