Lost and Found

I have so much to post.  I’ve been gone the last two weeks.  I was in New York for a week and then in Northern California.  I got off a plane from New York and went straight to my friend Sash’s birthday party and came home for 24 hours and drove straight up North for the week. I have so many exciting posts from New York.  I finally downloaded all my photos and I’m hoping this weekend I can finally get everything updated.  In the interim, I must tell you that last year, I did a post on Stuart Weitzman Alex Espadrilles worn by Jennifer Aniston (August of 2009).  I was obsessed with these shoes.  They were sold out everywhere. I walked into the store on 50 West 57th Street in Manhattan on a way to a meeting.  I was checking out the sale rack when across the room I spotted these (see below) and almost started hyperventilating.  I was like these look like the shoes from last year that Jennifer Anniston was wearing.  Charles, the sales rep, confirmed these were the infamous Jennifer Anniston shoes.  He said they were so popular, they had them reproduced.  Of course, I had to try them on. Of course, they had to fit.  Of course, I had to buy them.  I was in a rush to get to another meeting and asked if I could pick up “my shoes” later.  My darling Charles offered to drop them off at my hotel.  I was beyond happy.  Not only did I have great service, but I got my gorgeous Jennifer Aniston shoes.  My feet couldn’t be happier.  I LOVE NEW YORK!Stuart Weitzman Alex


Stay turned lot’s more to post!

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Anonymous said...

Okay B1, you made me fall in love with these darn shoes!!! i bought them and i am bringing them with me to LA tomorrow! you know who!


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