Sex And The City

Tomorrow night, I’m going out with the girls.  We’re all meeting for Happy Hour and then off to the 8 PM show.  I watched Sex and the City the first year it started.  To me, it’s still the BEST year ever, in terms of the show.  I remember it was 1998 and I saw a little write up about it in one of the magazines.  At this time, it had not been heavily marketed as this was a new concept for HBO.   I tuned in because the title caught my attention and I love Sarah Jessica Parker.  Needless to say, I was hooked.  The second year HBO heavily marketed the show and gave the characters more defined personalities.  It became an overnight hit. It gave women another reason to get together, drink cosmos, and shop for expensive shoes.  Not that we need one!  Of course, we all love how Carrie ended up with Mr. Big.  As far as I’m concerned, he’s the only one for her. 

The came along the much anticipated  Sex and The City movie.  I loved Big and then hated Big and then of course, LOVED BIG!  The scene when they were laying in the closet in their penthouse with her shoes.  UGH!  So sweet!  Then coming out of city hall and opening the door and having all her friends there!  I was like, “AH! I love you Big!”   We all want to live with the fantasy that Carrie and Big will live happily ever after, but we are talking about Hollywood.  I’m sure for Sex and the City 2, we’ll be on a roller coaster and have a few bumps in the road with old lovers coming back into the mix, and the much anticipated (Carrie / Mr. Big) will they ~ won’t they be together drama.

I’m looking forward to sipping martinis with the girls and then making our way to the theater where we’ll  be laughing, crying and pining over the fabulous clothes and shoes.  For two and 1/2 hours we’ll transported until the credits roll, our bubble will pop and then we will be back to reality.

Something we all have in common with Sex and the City, especially when it involves girls getting together. See for yourself! 

You start like this!

Then Drink This!

Absolut Cosmo

Start to Act Like This!

End up Like This!

I have fabulous friends in my life and feel very blessed.  I’ve always said I  would rather have a small group of girlfriends then a whole lot of acquaintances.  The women in my life are fabulous, strong, powerful, their mom’s, business women, successful, smart, and beautiful.  I have a little Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte in all of them. They accept me for me, call me on my crap, and are always there for me when I need them. 

Go see Sex and the City 2 with your girlfriends and let your inner girl out!  We all need it once in a while.  Especially moms!

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME blog!!! Can't wait until tomorrow night.....xoxox, Nick


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