Bargain of the Day

I was in our local TJ Maxx / Home Goods store the other day and found this gorgeous necklace and bracelet by Lenora Dame.  Our local TJ Maxx has the BEST jewelry if you are looking for affordable pieces.  They tend to have unique pieces and often carry name brands at a fraction of the price. I spotted these pieces and had to have them. The necklace and bracelet reminded me of a vintage pieces you would see at a high end thrift store like Decades or the flea market.  I love anything with pearls, it’s the Connecticut girl in me.  I scored this necklace for $39.99 and the bracelet for $29.99.  Originally $70.00 and $60.00.  Even at full retail, I would have bought it.  It’s my guilty pleasure finding great deals and saving $50.00 just made it sweeter.

Of course, the minute I got home, I googled the designer to learn more about her and her jewelry.  Her studio is located in Chester Country, PA.  I knew there was a reason I liked her designs, I’m from Chester, CT.  Lenora Dame mixes vintage jewelry, flea market finds with new materials.   Her pieces can be found in retailers across the United States as well as Europe and Asia.  Upon further research many celebrities as well as wardrobe designers for hit t.v. shows wear and use her jewelry.    She has three collections bohemian, retro, and romantic. The necklace and bracelet (see below) are the two pieces I purchased.  I loved how they had a flower look to them and the clasp on both the necklace and the bracelet has one of the pearls.  I thought that was a nice detail.


I was taken by the various styles and pieces in her collection.  I love finding jewelry that looks chic, classic, and elegant but is affordable.  This alphabet necklace and bracelet is a good conversation piece (see below).  I might have to buy it for myself. 

This bracelet in natural limestone coral is classic and you can wear it year round.  She offers it in coral and turquoise as well.

This mesh flower bibbed necklace is stunning.  I wish I had somewhere to wear it.  Made with Czech glass and pearls.

This rose shelled necklace is gorgeous.  I picture it with an all cream suit – simple divine.  Simple earrings and no other jewelry.


This fabric beaded choker would be fun for summer.

She has a number of decoupage bracelets in a variety of fund colors.  Perfect for spring, I especially like these three pink decoupage bangles.

Wouldn’t this make a cute gift for a young girl?


Whatever your personal style, there is something for everyone.  They make great signature pieces without breaking the bank.


Anonymous said...

What fabulous finds! Thanks for sharing. I just love your blog.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Home Goods has necklaces. Im really into the chunky ones similiar to the ones you showed. I'll check it out.

Peggy and Fritz said...

Hi Laura,
Ours is actually a Homegoods / TJ Maxx - the TJ Maxx is downstairs. Homegoods does not carry jewelry but depending on your TJ's - they do. Marshalls also owned by TJ Maxx Companies occassionally does but I would look primarily in TJ Maxx - most of ours has jewerly and you can find some great inexpensive pieces. Ann

Anonymous said...

Just Gorgeous Dahling



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