Big Daddy’s Antiques

Everyone that knows me, is aware, how much I love antiquing and going to flea markets.  I am constantly finding great pieces, that, I wish I could buy or use, to incorporate in someone’s home.  Big Daddy's is one of those places that makes anyone who loves authentic unique pieces, head spin.  I have seen Big Daddy's Antiques at the flea markets but have never been to their warehouse.  See for yourself why this place is a designers dream.

Look at this whimsical carriage plopped in the middle of garden antiquities – so unexpected.  Love it…!


Look at all this fabulous outdoor decor,  pottery, decorative objects, and interesting objects.  IMG_1868I want this long table for an outdoor dinner party.

Farm Table.jpgI wanted this little man for my house.  What a great fountain and cause for conversation.     IMG_1808


Loved how this pottery looked – just laying there in it’s simplicity. Blog - Pottery.jpg

Step inside Big Daddy’s – it’s full of surprises. Love it for the whimsy – just wouldn’t want him in my house after dark.

Blog - Life Size.jpg

I wanted this painting and her partner – it was out of my budget but I love to look at her.  These chairs scream cognac and cigars.

Blog - Female Painting.jpgIMG_1862Blog - Doors.jpg

   IMG_1840    IMG_1844  IMG_1847 IMG_1848   IMG_1851IMG_1833

These chairs below remind me of the English Patient of Out of Africa.


     I wanted this wicker basket below for my front porch to put shoes and beach towels.IMG_1823    Like I said – there is something for everyone.  For those people that like to stare at stuffed animals – more power to ya!IMG_1827Love how they used these beakers – reminds me of science class.  The designer in me would fill each one with a gerber daisy or a simple field flower.  


As I was leaving, I was in the office getting a business card and as I turned I saw this picture in one of the offices. I said, OH My God!  I love that picture. The girl went into the ladies office and brought it out to me – she told me the price and I said SOLD!  Love Love Love her.  Still deciding if she will go in my office because of the colors, or my portrait wall, or in my upstairs bathroom.  UGH!  What to do?  Hmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Blog - Painting Purchase.jpg

I need to think of a name for her!  Suggestions?


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