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I have gotten a couple of emails that Peggy & Fritz needs some love.  Your right it does.  My blog has been neglected lately, like a wilted garden, in need of some love and watering.  I’ve been traveling a lot for work and had been busy entertaining people from our corporate office.  It’s been a hectic few weeks.  Lately, I’ve been struggling with ideas for my blog and wondering if anyone is even reading it.  Then I thought to myself, who cares?  This is for you!  The purpose of this blog was an outlet for my creative juices.  I guess I struggle with how much personal information I should share with my readers, then I thought, how could this blog be successful if I didn’t.

I was cleaning up my laptop and files and found this picture buried in an old file called HALLBANKS.  HALLBANKS was a side business a good friend of mine and I created about six years ago, right out of design school.  HALL was my boyfriends last name (it sounded better than Shumbo) and BANKS was her last name.  We  designed these fabulous business cards on 100 lb plus paper and had them letter pressed.  They were beautiful.  The cards were so thick, there was no way you could floss your teeth with them LOL!.  They were classy, and 2 1/2” x 2 1/2” and every time we handed one out we got lots of compliments.  We did a few projects and then it became a struggle.  Our conflict was juggling a full time job with projects where people did not want to pay your for your time but wanted access to you 24/7.  We really thought long and hard and thought it was best to put HALLBANKS on a shelf until we were both in a position to devote ourselves full time.  We had great ideas, fabulous concepts, and customers who thought you could do Design on a Dime without paying for the designer.  Therefore, we are still great friends and share ideas with one another.  I encouraged her to create a blog as well because she has such fabulous ideas, plus she is very creative and crafty (crafty I’m not – I’d rather pay someone).

I just need to get over my fear of blogging and do it for myself and with that hope “they will come”, like Field of Dreams!  Yes, even I crack up at my thoughts sometimes. This picture was something I found while I was in design school. I’ve come to appreciate various furniture designers from the earlier generations that have made an impact on the world of furniture design.  I came to admire and respect, the shape, material,  and composition of more contemporary chairs.  In school I fell in love with Verner Panton’s, S Chair, otherwise, known today as the Panton Chair.  It was the first chair in history without back legs and was formed  by a single piece of plastic.  It was originally produced by a Danish company, Fritz Hanson and later by Herman Miller.  I absolutely love these chairs with the rustic farm table.  It makes the table more appealing and creates visual interest with wood table and plastic chairs.  I would love these in my own house, however, it’s not in the budget right now.  Until such time as I can afford these chairs, this photo will stay in my inspiration folder where I can admire them from afar.  I have to giggle one of the sales reps for Vitra and number of years ago gave me a little model of these chairs and it sits on top of my cabinet in my office.  That’s as close as I am getting to a Panton chair right now.


Panton S Chair


Anonymous said...

The beauty of rambling is that sometimes we discover more of ourselves and what is really important. I find that when I look back at things I have written in my journal I discover someone I didn't know existed. Your blog is humorous, quirky and entertaining.


Diane Miner Hazel said...

I am enjoying your blogs tremendously. Whether bringing your readers photos of amazing design, or giving us a peek into the world of fashion, your LA perspective that I realize is entwined with our common New England-European roots: touches my soul. Thank you for sharing. P.S. My Herman Miller-loving husband is enjoying your blog as well! Diane

Peggy and Fritz said...

Thanks Diane for stopping by. How impressed I am that you have a Herman Miller loving husband :)


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