An Old Classic Revamped – Lands’ End

I had read that an old catalogue popular in the North East was updating some of their old classics.  Lands' End started by outfitting sailors and racers when it originally started and wanted to enhance an already classic by bringing a more modern style to it’s catalogue.  Their new line is called, Canvas Lands' End.    It’s common in New England to see someone wearing something from Lands’ End.  I think every household contains a tote bag, fleece or some item from their catalogue.  I decided to take a peak for myself,  I think you will be pleasantly surprised.  Some of the items are still the same but more fitted, hipper, still classic but better suited for today’s young modern woman  I might just have to order something for myself.  Here’s a peak of some of my favorites from the revamped Lands End Canvas Collection.  I think you will all be pleasantly surprised, I know I was…!

This modern style jacket (See Below)  is something I could wear all year round in Los Angeles.  It’s rare that you require a winter coat in LA.  I’m always on the lookout for lightweight coats that I can throw on over a tee shirt, pair with jeans or a dress that can be mixed with casual or dressy.  Living at the beach usually requires a sweater or light jacket even in the summer after the sun goes down.  This one is adorable and comes in a tan color or white.

Sport Utility Jacket 

Color:  Carmel or White / $69.50

I love anything nautical (See Below) – it’s the preppy Connecticut girl in me that still loves anything blue and white.  I don’t wear it as much living in LA but there is still something in me that gravitates to that nautical look.  I still love it paired with a cute pair of jeans, pencil skirts, or some tan modern shorts.   Imagine this paired with my Stuart Weitzman shoes (See Post) that I still drool over that Jennifer Anniston was wearing last year.

The Heritage Poor Boy Turtleneck

Color:  True Navy Stripe / $49.50

Shirtdresses are back (See Below)!  What I love about this one in the classic khaki style, is its versatile enough that you can wear this to work or casual.  It makes a great day dress paired with some jeweled sandals or with wedges (think rope, espadrilles, or even the new cork wedges).  You can dress it up or down and can change it from day to night with your accessories.  I love this with a small smart scarf or chunky necklace.

 Women's Poplin Shirtdress

Colors:  Black or Walnut Tan / $69.50

I like these two bags for different reasons (See Below), the Route 63 Snap Tote is the perfect traveling companion.  It has enough room for your magazines, small toiletries, your normal pocketbook items and much more.   It’s more modern and updated with the canvas and brown leather.  Neutral enough you can wear it with anything. While the Trim Tote looks great paired with clothes (See Above for Example).  Stylish and sophisticated looking, would be perfect paired with a shirt dress, jeans and a crisp white shirt – lots of possibilities.

Route 63 Snape Tote

Color:  Natural with Brown Leather / $138.00

 Trim Bucket Tote

Color:  Natural with Brown Leather / $168.00

Love this Heritage Trench (See Below) it’s a great compromise from my dream trench coat, a Burberry. While Burberry is not in my current budge this is a great example of a stylish trench at at a great value. This is also a fine example of an in-between coat for all our West Coasters (not that we have a lot of rain), especially someone like me who travels to cold climates but doesn’t want to lug a heavy winter coat.  I like trenches because they fit over everything and are good in the rain or snow and you can use them all year round.

Heritage Trench Coat

Colors:  Light Khaki or True Navy / $199.50

I am into long scarves lately.  I wear them with tee shirts, dress shirts, sweaters, etc.  I especially liked the pattern on this one (See Below)!

Printed Cotton Linen Scarf

Colors:   Various / $29.50

I absolutely love these riding boots.  They are so classic looking and just the kind that will look great with a little wear and tear.  Like your favorite pair of jeans.  I love these with skinny jeans or cords!  These are timeless and a great investment.  Very Ralph Lauren.

Women's Canvas Riding Boots

Color:  Cognac / $350.00

There was no way, I couldn’t post these sneakers.  FLASHBACK to the 1980’s.  These were sooooo me in high school.  All the girls wore them ~ very popular with the Connecticut prepsters.  I think they were even  in the “Preppy Handbook”.  I always wore mine with my Levi jeans and my alligator shirt (collar up), my oxford shirts and chinos (pinstripe of course).  Ah!  Memories of my youth!

Tretorn Nylite Sneaker

Colors: Navy and White / $55.00

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Anonymous said...

nice post, Ann! I saw those sneaks too in LE and laughed at the price! I think that the last pair that I bought was from Marshalls and MAYBE were $29.99! Maybe Marshalls will find some more! And, I think that the tretorn strip was even in madras....loved 'em. Rhonda

Peggy and Fritz said...

I know I'd freak paying $55.00 for Tretorns LOL! Gotta Love Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Madras how cute! Thanks for posting Rhonda xo


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