Thriftier vs. Spender

I am always looking for great products that look expensive at a fraction of the cost.  One of the things I hope to share with all of you are items that I find while shopping that can give you great look for less.  I recently purchased this light at Ikea while shopping with my friend Nick.  It was different from most of Ikea's lighting collection because it was more like something you would see in Restoration Hardware or Williams Sonoma Home for a fraction of the cost..   The Barameter nickel platted lamp from Ikea is only $39.99.  It’s a savings of over $250.00 from Restoration Hardware’s Rowan Pharmacy Collection.  If your budget conscious and  looking for something with a high end look this light makes a great bedside table lamp or task light for a desk.  They also have it as a floor lamp which, I also bought, to use in my living room.  The only downside is you can only make the arm swing so far up and then it stops.  I wanted it to go up a little higher and it doesn’t let you do it, however, it’s a small compromise for a great looking lamp for someone on a budget.  However, if you can afford to spend more the Rowan Pharmacy Collection is beautiful and they offer it in an antique brass color which is gorgeous. 


 Ikea $39.99 - Barameter Lamp 


 Rowan Pharmacy Task Table Lamp

Restoration Hardware $299.00 – Rowan Pharmacy Collection

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Anonymous said...

I wish I had gotten a lamp like this instead for my desk. I love IKEA! great ideas..p.s. love your christmas one. Beautiful table and decorations! -Laura


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